What is fluid dynamics?

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Fluid dynamics refers to a subcategory of the science of fluid mechanics,with the other subcategory being fluid statics.It is concerned with fluids that are in motion.The principle of fluid dynamics is the continuum assumption,also called the continuum hypothesis.It is possible in some cfd programs to simulate co2 being released from the canister and also is it possible to rotate wheels to a speed.
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fastback33 wrote:Just to piggyback a little bit. Does anyone have a good recommendation for a Fluid mechanics book?

I know this was a while ago, but my uni uses Thermal-Fluid Sciences book from Cengel and Turner.
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Thanks for the reply. Taking a fluids class next fall semster, thank you anyways though.
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As jedc53 properly notes, fluid mechanics and fluid dynamics are different subjects. Per the posters question, fluid dynamics can be compressible or non-compressible flows. But since he is concerned about extracting work from compressed CO2 gas, he's more likely interested in thermodynamic processes.

The CFD work would only help optimize flows, and not with extracting maximum work from the compressed gas's potential energy.

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xpensive wrote:My humble xperience, if you can believe that concept now, is that many engineers never really grasp the concept of static and dynamic pressure as a constant-sum game. But it's a very good beginning of understanding fluid dynamics.

Shhhh you. :lol: :lol: :lol:
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flameracing wrote:the car is propelled by a c02 cylinder there i thought fluid dynamics could help.

Propelled by?

As in, "rocket" propulsion?

Well... thrust = massflow(v2-v1)

In your instance v1 = 0.

I'll assume your CO2 cylinder has a pressure ratio greater than 1.86 of ambient - meaning you need to consider nozzle geometry to try and get a fully expanded nozzle - it'll be *slightly* more efficient than an under-expanded or over expanded nozzle.

Try here:
http://www.mae.ufl.edu/~sforza/EML5515/ ... ozzles.ppt
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