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Yeah. I never quite understood why Peter Sauber signed dlR and Koba. Neither of them are a known quantity, and haven't quite been "benchmarked" against one, either. Sure Koba had two great races, but in terms of comparison against a known quantity, he only can be measured against Trulli in qualifying, and in terms of race pace, he can't be compared with Trulli, as in Brazil Trulli had no race, and Abu Dhabi they were on different strategies if I'm not mistaken.
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peter saubers comments on why they wanted Nick to drive the car in the press conference:

No, nothing to do with the Monza result. The fact is that Kamui and Pedro were more or less the same level but Kamui scored more points. We are simply not sure about the potential of the car. With Nick we have a clear benchmark as we know him well. This is important with regards to the development of the new car.

Tome the idea behind pdr contract was to start afresh with new drivers but also to try and get hold of proceedures knowledge and maybe even technical detail from Macs.
As in reality that will not have been much he could supply there ...I do not understand just why they did not hire Alexander Wurz as a consultant instead.
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"Make the suspension adjustable and they will adjust it wrong ......
look what they can do to a carburetor in just a few moments of stupidity with a screwdriver."
- Colin Chapman

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Edit: Removed FI wing after Zgred correctly informed me of being wrong
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I think this is VJM03.
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zgred wrote:I think this is VJM03.

it is, white endplates gave it away
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