During all Formula One history, regulations have changed drastically, always to increase the safety of the drivers and spectators. The following tables give an overview of the most important changes in the official FIA regulations from the very beginning of F1 until today.

  • Improving track safety with passive external airbags 07-01-2010

    With safety among the top priorities in motorsports nowadays, a new system has been designed to improve passive safety along a racing track. The passing external airbags look set to massively improve impact absorption upon a crash.

  • Staying safe in Formula One 01-09-2008

    Formula 1 is justly famous for high technology, speed and excitement, but it is arguably the progress made in the field of safety which has been the sport's most remarkable achievement in recent decades.

  • The HANS device 20-09-2006

    Standing for Head and Neck Support system, the HANS device works in conjunction with the driver's helmet and seatbelts to drastically reduce the forces exerted on a the head and neck during an accident.

  • Williams review new regs 10-05-2006

    New engines, new tyre regulations, new qualifying format – the start of the 2006 Formula 1 season was characterised by dramatic changes to the regulations for both the drivers and the teams. Williams takes a look on their effect so far this season.

  • Safety car procedures 02-05-2006

    With a new safety car from Mercedes this year, we look at the procedures of a satefy car to guarantee safety on the track at the upcoming GP of Nurburgring.

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