2020 pecking order prediction

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Re: 2020 pecking order prediction


JordanMugen wrote:
Wed May 20, 2020 7:59 am
kalinka wrote:
Mon May 18, 2020 10:19 am
Back then you could bet on some midfiled teams that they will make top teams run for their money on some circiuts. Very few of the circuits, but still..
That's true! Jaguar were very good at Monaco in '01 then ironically very good at Monza in '02 (IIRC).
Again, they lucked in to the podium. Irvine's drive to get P6 on the grid was excellent (look at de la Rosa back in P14) but he benefited from both McLarens and Ralf Schumacher having issues ahead of him in the race (Coulthard's meant he started from the back rather than pole). So the result looked better than his pace warranted. But, as the saying goes: to finish first, first you have to finish - so well done to Jaguar for being reliable. =D>
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Re: 2020 pecking order prediction


JordanMugen wrote:
Wed May 20, 2020 7:59 am
]Fisichella of course took pole for the 2009 Belgian GP, =D> =D> =D> and could have won the race if not for a crafty overtake by Raikkonen outside of track limits. :roll:

https://www2.pictures.zimbio.com/gi/Seb ... nH0Xjl.jpg
I just watched the highlights and haven't spotted the incident.
AFAIK Kimi overtook Fisichella on Kammel straight.
I noticed some FI car leaving the track at Pouhon while overtaking Ferrari.
Can you please explain

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Re: 2020 pecking order prediction


MtthsMlw wrote:
Mon Feb 24, 2020 7:57 pm

don't @ me
Massively underestimated McLaren and overrated Ferrari.

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Re: 2020 pecking order prediction


Jambier wrote:
Wed Mar 04, 2020 10:50 am
AMUS one, based on many numbers, calculations etc..

Red Bull
Racing Point
Alpha Tauri
Alfa Romeo

But I think you have to consider this year the developpement.....

Ferrari already told that if first races are bad, they will switch to 2021
I also think that McLaren is more capable of developping the car through the year than Racing Point
That wasn't a bad prediction at all. Ferrari had much larger engine issues than expected, other than that...
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Re: 2020 pecking order prediction


I was wrong and Mercedes kept their .5 second advantage until far too late into the season. Will they be able to next year? Changing aero bits is not too difficult or expensive to do throughout the season. 2021 pecking order prediction?

Provided no curveballs like this year the season average will be:

RB +/- .2
Ferrari +.1 up to .3
Renault/Aston Martin/McLaren +.5
Alpha Tauri + .5-.6
Haas/Williams/Alfa Romeo +.6-.1.2

The field will get closer, the drivers and other factors will make the difference, and more complains about trains, unless they make some crazy bargeboards that let them race.

Alonso will get a podium?
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Re: 2020 pecking order prediction


DChemTech wrote:
Thu Feb 27, 2020 6:40 pm
@Edge of course we can't be sure. That doesn't make it less fun to give it a try and see how far we get.

So, here it goes.

(Ok, let's hope not.)

1. Mercedes
2. Red Bull
3. Ferrari

No matter how much I like to be wrong, just have to be realistic. Mercedes has a top car, one good driver and one superb one. RB seems to be doing well (some twitchy-bum issues aside) and I do think they're close, but even if the car is equal, I rank Bottas a bit higher than Albon. Ferrari... they're...well... either they are properly sandbagging, or are telling the truth saying they're not quite there. In that case, they're so bad at being honest that it still seems they're bagging. Anyway, the longrun seems sufficiently better than RP. And if they're close to RB, I think they'll lose on the Ferrari-isms.

4. Racing Point
5. McLaren
6. AlphaTauri

These are close, I think. Pink Mercedes likely the best car, and Perez-on-steam is a very good driver, but then there's Stroll. So, McLaren has the better driver pairing - only drivers count 20%, car 80%. AlphaTauri is close, but the pseudo-RB15 is going to be too much RB15 for Gasly.

7. Alfa Romeo

Not bad a car, but with one driver over his prima, and another just not that prime, they're going to be the beta-alpha.

8. Renault
9. Haas
10. Williams

I just have a general bad feeling about Renault. They don't seem to be very fast, they aren't running a lot, they're not majorly invested in this year anyway. They may even fight with Haas - Haas just doesn't have Ricciardo. And Williams, they stepped up, a lot. But they need to step up a lot-lot to compete. Hopefully they can bring the fight to Haas and Renault, but I don't dare to put them higher in the ranking yet.


1. Verstappen. Despite hating chauvinism, I'm letting the orange goggles have the best of me. But either the WDC pressure is going to make him majestic, or he's going to overdrive and lose out to Bottas too.
2. Hamilton
3. Bottas
4. Leclerc
5. Albon
6. Vettel. I hope I'm wrong on this, he deserves a bit of a break. But the hybrid era cars just don't seem to be it for Vettel. And since they weren't the past years, I don't think they'll be now.

7. Perez. He's smiling and shining in that pink beast.
8. Sainz. Ever the smooth operator.
9. Norris
10. Stroll
11. Kvyat
12. Raikkonen
13. Ricciardo
14. Gasly.
15. Giovannazi
16. Magnussen
17. Ocon
18. Grosjean
19. Russell
20. Latifi
Well, I got constructors 1, 2, 4, 9 and 10 right. It's something at least. But clearly too optimistic about the Italians capacity to get things right - at too pessimistic regarding the French.

When it comes to drivers - not too good in overall ranking, at least teammate battles are mostly correct (except Gasly/kvyat - well done Pierre). Verstappen did do well, just didn't have the car. And clearly forgot to account for Hullkenberg.