So what happened to the new teams?

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Re: So what happened to the new teams?

Post by paused » Thu Jun 04, 2009 12:17 am

bjpower wrote:well some of the back lash has to be the forced budget.
sure if the tax man told me how to only pay a fraction of what i do i would be delighted.

but if he told me the solution to fire the majority of my co workers well i would be slow to do that.

the teams have become huge.
dropping the budget to 10% of what some teams spend is basically asking you to fire 90% of your staff.

imagine going to work and firing 9 out of every 10 people.
( ok it may not be that high but your forcing teams to do that)
Well I don't really no for sure but in my line of work our business salary costs is around 40-50% of our total expenditure. For F1 I would guess this proportion is probably lower once you exlcude the driver since their is quite a lot of expenditure on materials, capital expenditure, R&D etc. So if we can say as an average teams are spending someting in the vacinity of 150M pounds I would guess their salary expenses might be 40-50M pounds excluding drivers.

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Re: So what happened to the new teams?

Post by Paul » Thu Jun 04, 2009 10:51 am

Brabham name owner submits F1 entry

Actually, screw having a team, a name is enough! :lol: Although the guy appears to have some left-overs from Super Aguri.

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Re: So what happened to the new teams?

Post by u401768 » Thu Jun 04, 2009 12:11 pm

with the cost cap, what is stopping the existing teams (ferari, etc) from having their designers and engineers working for both the F1 team, and anther department (be it road care or what ever) and get paid a pittance for the 34 hours they do for the F1 team and then really high pay for the 5 hours consultancy to the road car department (something like and 20% pay from F1)?

I know it makes a mockery of the spirit of cost cap, but could lead to some 'interesting' cars.

Also why are new teams coming out the woodwork days after the close of entree? Or is this just yet more power play?

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Re: So what happened to the new teams?

Post by timbo » Thu Jun 04, 2009 12:27 pm

Well, so I have a number of questions in case of situation of FOTA quit:
a) engines - where new teams would got them? Is it possible for Cosworth to provide engines and support for a several team for next year?
b) tubes - apparently most of the entrants don't have facilities to make tubes, who's gonna provide them?
c) in case of McLaren going along with FOTA, what's up with SECU?

Can anyone provide some insights on Jordan history, who he started his F1 team? He was successful in F3000 and had personnel, but who made a tube for him?

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Re: So what happened to the new teams?

Post by Richard » Thu Jun 04, 2009 6:48 pm

Chaparral wrote:
richard_leeds wrote:
Chaparral wrote:renaming the series 'The Grand Prix World Series' or 'The Grand Prix World Championship' and making it work in America
Please, please , please .. not another sporting "world series" that only includes America!
it wont be long before Monza Spa etc go in favour of some circuits in outer Mongolia etc because of government funding and TV rights if the trend keeps going - Im a bit over it. Why not reinvent the whole ball game in the US
That solution does exactly what bernie is doing - it means the end of F! racing at great tracks such as Monza.

If you had said a true world series that brought in N America to add to the historic EU tracks plus one each of the Middle East & Asia tracks, then I would agree.

Anyway, this is well off topic ... back to the OP

---- Who's going to guess the names on the sheet published on 12 June???