Mercedes AMG Hyper Car

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Re: Mercedes AMG Hyper Car


There are very different targets and constraints between the case for the current topology of the standard passenger jet vs highest possible performance passenger aircraft, the Valkyrie, and the AMG1.

First off supersonic passenger travel is basically extinct not because the Concorde was expensive, though it helps, but because operating supersonic flights in such a way as to not cause problems to people along the flight path minimizes the actual utility of having all that extra performance capacity because you HAVE to be at altitude before you really get going. Which is a vicious circle of drag and fuel and powerplant flexibility which all brings your airframe weight up again which means you need more lift which means you need more power which means you need more fuel etc etc etc.

The current topology is all about cost effectiveness. The low engine nacelles for instance are all about ease of maintenance (when was the last time you flew in a DC10?).

The valkyrie is probably the only mainstream brand car project that attempted to throw the ball out as far as possible in order to maximise its performance potential primarily through optimising the aerodynamic platform.

The AMG 1 is not that, it's fundamentally a statement piece about Mercedes and AMG engineering, and about building a real tangible link between their F1 success and their AMG wing.
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