Historical Query on Automotive Products Bevel Epicyclic Automatic Project

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Minardi RB
Minardi RB
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Historical Query on Automotive Products Bevel Epicyclic Automatic Project


Have recently come upon an old thread from a few years back on the Hobbs "Mechamatic" Gearbox and found it interesting to read about the work with Automotive Products on the Bevel Epicyclic Automatic. - viewtopic.php?p=213135

For those either familiar or were somehow involved with the above in some capacity, Is it by chance connected to the 5-speed AP Automatic project done by Keith Gerrard of Bushey Transmissions in collaboration with Jack Knight and BL before the money ran out for the latter or was it a separate project entirely? Previously was able to find some links on this project a few years back, however it seems to have since disappeared online.

Depending on when both were originally conceived, it also got me wondering if the 5-speed AP Automatic together with the Jack Knight 5-speed manual was to be used just for the Mini or was it envisioned to be used on other cars like the Metro, Allegro and Princess?

My interest is mainly because it is one of those little known BL related tidbits that IMO deserve to be more widely known, since it is commonly assumed there was no further development done on the transmission in-sump layout manual and automatic beyond the aftermarket 5-speed manual Jack Knight gearbox conversion for Minis.

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