Manor MNR1 - Ferrari (aka 2015 Marussia)

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Re: Manor MNR1 - Ferrari (aka 2015 Marussia)


Richard wrote:I think the 2015 version should have it's own thread. We could rename the title if that's wanted, please suggest alternative titles.

We use the team's official titles, it would be nice to know what Manor call this car! Could someone with twitter ask the team?
The wind tunnel models were given the title MR53 until the Summer of last year, when they changed to 114M for the 2014 car. The 2015 parts are marked 115M. Their internal naming schema may have changed since they were reborn.

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Re: Manor MNR1 - Ferrari (aka 2015 Marussia)


So I'm moving everything about the adjusted MR03 to a new topic. For now we'll name it Manor Marussia MR03B Ferrari; when the official name get revealed we will edit the topic's name accordingly. This thread will keep its role solely for the wind tunnel model.

EDIT: moved to ... 12&t=21750.

Have fun.


Edit to add - I'll lock this thread to avoid confusion until we see the proper new 2015 car. Richard