Haas VF16 Ferrari

A place to discuss the characteristics of the cars in Formula One, both current as well as historical. Laptimes, driver worshipping and team chatter does not belong here.
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Haas VF16 Ferrari


This the official car topic about the 2017 Haas contender, the VF16. This thread will handle more stringent rules:

-Absolutely no livery talk in the car topic. Liveries are by nature topics assigned to the team thread, and should be discussed there. Posts about liveries in the car thread will be removed. Livery, sponsoring and any other none-performance hardware features of the car go to the team thread.

-Discussion about the car's hardware only. No discussion about the laptimes (should be discussed in the testing or race threads; test thread is here: http://www.f1technical.net/forum/viewto ... =1&t=25963). No speculation or rumors towards future features of the car; no speculation about the competitive performance (car beats car B but car C, etc.). Such discussions will be removed as well.

-Discussion about the Power Unit should belong in its respective PU topic. How the car's chassis and bodywork is adapted to it remains in the car thread, but pure features of the PU don't go there. Since this is quite a grey area, we will not remove transgressions on that front, but will move them when appropiate.

That might sound strict and is infact so, but this is done to safeguard the topic quality. A fair warning that we will be extremely strict this year! If you don't find anything worthwhile to post, please resist the urge and do not post. There is nothing wrong with that and is infact the better option when there's nothing new.

Topic will be opened once the car has been officially launched, which is February the 26th.