2019 cars speculation

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johnny vee
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Re: 2019 cars speculation


mszendeczki wrote:
Wed Aug 29, 2018 7:47 pm
simple front wing = complex nose (such as Mclaren)

The bargeboard and sidepod need lot of airflow and a simple front wing is not help for this. The nose will a new tricky area in 2019?

https://kepkuldes.com/images/84dee9a2b5 ... 45b5b4.jpg
Nice pic man!
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Re: 2019 cars speculation


the cars will become longer and narrower as they improve efficiency++

Someone or a few teams will bring a interesting "aero" innovation and the new pecking order is established.

The new ruleset might not be a big chance but it is enough to chance the placement of a few teams.
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