When will we see ionic winds beeing used in F1?

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Re: When will we see ionic winds beeing used in F1?

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F1's problem, in part, is that the cars are way too reliant on aerodynamics as it is!

They don't need more of it. They need to radically remove aero from the formula IMO.

Back when the rules allowed for constant playing with the engines to make power, teams didn't pay too much attention to aero. Now it's the opposite.

I'd like to see it go back to how it was, with engines going off like bombs now and again because they are pushed to the limit and massively less reliance on aerodynamics.

Watch the video of David Coulthard driving the 1967 Lotus at Silverstone and his immediate reactions. He was blown away at what a different driving technique was required because there was basically no aero loading on the car/steering. Made for a very lively steering wheel and he said it was the first time he was playing around with the steering going full chat on Hangar straight!

Modern technology pushed into cars with very little aero development would make the sport pretty exciting.

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Re: When will we see ionic winds beeing used in F1?

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I posted a theory that Red Bull tested this around 2011/2012 - there was a particular session where the outside of the car was "live" and they were having constant KERS failures and I just built a "lifter" myself with balsawood and alfoil, so I not only considered the possibility but posted on planetf1 forums asking about it (before I knew good f1 forums like this existed)

http://forum.planet-f1.com/viewtopic.ph ... d1e#p47513