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If you look at turn 1 in Hungary 2019 for example the car didn’t rotate as well as the red bull as the front was lazy in qualifying trim. Looking at this years pole lap in Hungary the car gets to the apex way quicker that it did last year. Hamilton very much understands car performance and even though the car was good in low speed corners relative to the rest of the field it still had weaknesses so I don’t find anything in the article inaccurate.
Hungary 2019 is a tricky one. I think they set up the car to protect the rears in the race, so Merc ended up having more pace than RB in race trim than in qualy, something that hardly ever happened throughout 2019 and 2020. Of course, going in that direction means loading the rear and having an undesteery car with new tires, hence the less rotation. Might not be the only reason and for sure they might have made steps forward in that department as well, but I was just pointing out that certainly wasn't Merc's weakness in comparison to the other frontrunners in 2019. And that's how you measure what is one's weakness in F1, where everything is relative.
“The 2019 car was an excellent racing car, but it was a little harder to put it in pole position. There were reasons for that. As for our car, it was difficult to get the front axle sharp enough.” A quote from James Allison confirming Hamilton’s comments.
I mean, surely a big part of why they found it difficult to put on pole was that Ferrari had a massively powerful quali mode? I think that’s kinda implied when Allison says “there were reasons for for *our* car”.