2018 Russian Grand Prix - Sochi Autodrom, 28 - 30 September

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Re: 2018 Russian Grand Prix - Sochi Autodrom, 28 - 30 September

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Its more like Seb's tyre allocation wrecked his race and gave him poor strategy choices. He couldn't even have defended against Lewis overtaking moves for long, because he had the softer, quicker wearing tyre. He was most likely doomed whichever way he went, because he had no data on the optimum tyre set (softs) having not run them at all during FP.
You’re talking about Singapore, I presume? Wouldn’t make sense for Russia.

You may be right in Singapore - in that he wouldn’t have been able to defend on US - but I don’t think that had anything to do with their allocation; they had a set of softs that they could have used and didn’t need to run on it to know it was the optimum tyre to get to the end. But they went aggressive to try and get an undercut - miscalculating Perez - and meaning he also lost out to Max.

It was a mistake but not one that having more soft tyres would have prevented.
Vettel didn't have any data on the softs, having not run them at all through the weekend (in Russia). Only Kimi did, indeed I was convinced before the race that Vettel had little choice outside a two-stopper.
Trying to stretch out the ultra's in a long stint to the finish was strange and really compromised Vettel's chances. Any aggressive driving such as continuous attacking or defending would have quickly killed them.
We can agree to disagree but I don’t think Vettel not having run them makes any difference to strategy; Kimi’s data is absolutely transferable, particularly when coupled with the wealth of data they already have on running the softs throughout the season (I believe it was Lewis who recently said it doesn’t make much difference at this stage of the season, as they already have all the data they need).

Anyway, that’s Singapore - my initial point was primarily about Russia (and this is the Russia race thread :D )

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Re: 2018 Russian Grand Prix - Sochi Autodrom, 28 - 30 September

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The onboard video from youtube. I haven't watched this one yet but post it here anyway:

Turbo says "Dumpster sounds so much more classy. It's the diamond of the cesspools." oh, and "The Dutch fans are drunk. Maybe"