Lola T96-50 F3000 chassis - help with parts

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Lola T96-50 F3000 chassis - help with parts

Post Sun Feb 10, 2013 3:00 pm

Hi, I have just purchased a Lola T96-50 F3000 Car without gearbox, engine and need help getting it rolling to start with. Does anyone have tips on where I can source uprights?

The car was run by Super nova and then Martello racing where the mechanic (Des) kept hold of it for a few years. I purchased it the other week as a starter before investing heavily in my own BAR03, I thought that getting this going will be alot easier than the BAR and teach me the hard lessons at not such a high price.
Any help sourcing the parts would be greatfully received ... hotostream

I know there are quite a few Lola T96 chassis out on the Hillclimb scene at the moment.
At the moment it has fixed wheels and no damping / engine / gearbox.

Many thanks

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Re: Lola T96-50 F3000 chassis - help with parts

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Do you still have this car?