Minichamps 1:18 Williams FW37 issues

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Re: Minichamps 1:18 Williams FW37 issues

Post by turbof1 » Thu Jun 02, 2016 12:39 pm

Good thing you got it fixed on your own. Obviously the way you received it is blatantly wrong, and it's not even a detail. Doesn't matter if you are the only one or not 'complaining': if they did not showcased it like that on their website, it is an error.

Furthermore, assuming it's a distance-purchase B2C, and since it is within the EU, you have additional rights under the Directive on Consumer Rights (2011/83/EC). Since it's a good, you have the right to return it for your money within a period of 14 days counting from the day you physically received the item. This right does not require any reason whatsoever! So having a reason will extent that period much further (I believe half a year). EU law trascends any national law within the EU.

Don't let yourselves be bullied. You absolutely have rights. You fixed it yourself which undoubtly will give satisfaction, but I do recommend excercising 2011/83/EC next time.

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Re: Minichamps 1:18 Williams FW37 issues

Post by Martin_F » Thu Jun 02, 2016 12:49 pm

Thanks guys, I put some lacquer thinner on a cotton swab and kinda soaked the glued spots on the front wing.
Then I carefully "broke" the wing off, cleaned up the wing and nose with a scalpel and a file and glued it back together.
I used two pieces of metal that I set under the wing to space it off the ground in the right location.
That way it was perfectly straight and square. Let it sit over night to dry (that was the hardest part) and that's it!

I'm located in the US and didn't really want the hassle dealing with them. Shipping back and forth ect...
Even if I got my money refunded, I'd have to add another $100 to $150 to buy another model. That's how crazy prizes are over here. And maybe the reason why the model I bought was the cheapest I found was because it was damaged. But the seller here in the US failed to disclose that.

Either way, I'm happy with it now.
I might just have to buy the next model on my list when I'm in Europe this summer...

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Re: Minichamps 1:18 Williams FW37 issues

Post by Shrieker » Sat Jun 04, 2016 11:05 pm

You got screwed well and proper, and should have returned the favor in kind.

Anyway; now, that car has some piece of you in it. Something to cheer for in the future maybe.
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