Bosch Lapsim older versions

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Re: Bosch Lapsim older versions


Whilst looking through my books and files I have come across a full copy of the user manual for LapSim 2004, it reminded me I had tinkered with the free download copy back in around 2004.

I am nearing completion of building my new race car and would really like to model and run it through LapSim, unfortunately I didn't keep a copy of the programme when it stopped working, but know wish I had, does anyone have a copy the could send me?

My car project is a Lotus Esprit Silhouette special powered by a 5500 cc Chevy V8 LS6 from a Daytona Sports Prototype..... the suspension, wheels and brakes are from a Lola Indycar ... 580 bhp, 750 kg :D

Regards Simon