Formula 1 Rear WIng

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Formula 1 Rear WIng

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I'm doing a Rear Wing for Formula 1 car for a university project, however my knowledge in Formula1 cars is very poor. So I have several questions:

First of all can you explain me what is the role of the holes in the end planes?
Second what is the best size ( height, length and width ) of the end planes and also what is a good distance between the plates?

It will be great if you can send me some technical drawings so I can have a starting point.

Thanks in advance
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Re: Formula 1 Rear WIng

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Heres a good technical summary of the endplates from this very site :)

End plate size and shape is pretty dictated by the regulations though so I cant help you there

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Re: Formula 1 Rear WIng

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There's load of topics on rear wings here. I suggest you do a quick search in the aerodynamics subforum. A member called Scarbs (now a professional F1 journalist, not sure if he was at the time) posted a picture of a Red Bull rear wing profile on one of these threads. This is a rear wing profile from Honda/Brawn circa 2009.
Source: ... evealed/2/

I also suggest reading this post by TurboF1 detailing the design trends of rear wing endplates Other than that I suggest reading the F1 regulations,, you'll find everything on the rear wing under section 3.6. Here is a masters thesis by Richard Aiguabella, who was at Force India for about 10 years (just left), doing a design for a rear wing ... sAllowed=y. Doing this research will give you useful references for your project.

If you still have questions after reading these I'd be happy to help.