Tire temperature sensors

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Tire temperature sensors

Post by alexx_88 » Thu Jan 31, 2019 8:57 am


Just finalizing preparing my track car (RWD, ~230HP, 900kg) and being an F1 and tech geek at the same time, was looking into what extras I can add that could make me understand how to go quicker and also combine my two hobbies.

There's obviously a lot of use in F1 for anything that revolves around tires. Complete temperature information of the tire tread, pressures, air temperature and so on. There's also obviously a sunk cost bias for the teams. They are already spending tens of millions on the car, so a few extra tens of thousands won't break the bank.

My question is, how much would tire temperature (at least 3 channels - inside, center and outside of tread) information help in lower levels of motorsport? I'm thinking long term, so anything from 2-3 minute short hillclimb runs, to 20-minute stints on a race track, down to proper endurance racing. I know that getting detailed real-time temperature information makes setting up the suspension much, much easier and I know that the more you go towards dedicated racing tires, the narrower their operating window is, but is there anything that I'm missing here? Seems like post-run measurements with pyrometers is the level most stop at. I know these systems are not cheap (F1 sensors go for over 1000 euros / tire and other comparable systems are not much cheaper), but wouldn't getting all this information help improve the car and the driver?