Dissertation help - Split electric turbochargers

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Dissertation help - Split electric turbochargers


Hello all.

I’m just posting this in hopes I can get a bit of help with information for my dissertation.
The information in this post probably will not be used in the dissertation, this is more finding contacts/places to start, but if anybody does have any useful information on the system feel free to post it, the more the merrier.
This post will be on a few other forums.

So basically, the dissertation is a feasibility review into the use split electric turbochargers for use in motorsport. I think Ferrari patented this system or similar for their road cars.
In case you aren’t aware split electric turbocharger is just where it is a separate electric “compressor” and exhaust side electric generator.
Its role is similar to the MGU-H however the idea is, since only one side is charging and one side is compressing, they should be under less stress than an MGU-H, so the level of engineering should be lower and then hopefully the price should be lower too.
Also, those are the only major components that need implementing (for the forced induction system, it will probably need a sizeable battery) and you don’t need to effectively mould a turbocharger around the unit, also making it a bit cheaper.
There is other advantages and disadvantages to the system however cost is likely to be the main part as BTCC are moving to hybrid and Formula 2’s series boss stated they aren’t looking at Formula One hybrid systems due to cost grounds. So, this system may be a good alternative for those categories and others.
Anyway, that’s the premise, it’s a feasibility review so I can say its suitable or its not suitable so don't worry about information contrary to mine or someone else's.

So, if anybody has any information, opinions, contacts or anything else regarding this system, or MGU-H for that matter as it will effectively be battling that system, please feel free to post it below or message me.
Thanks for reading, will look forward to your responses.