Engine Horsepower/Torque curve formula

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Engine Horsepower/Torque curve formula


Hi Guys,

Long story short: I'm searching for the formula(s) to read out real time powercurves in a datalog system.

Long story:
I've been in search for this for a long time as but can't seem to find it, some years ago I found a video on youtube of someone completely explaining how to make these (plotting aero/drag information, finding out rolling resistance etc) but he took them offline, since them i've been looking for something like that, preferably a book or something to read as I like that more than watching a video but at this moment anything will do. I bought 'Making sense out of Squiggly lines' as it said it helped you find the optimal shift point but unfortunately that didn't go that deep either... Now thinking about buying another book about Data Acquisition systems but as that's another €100+ I thought I might as well first ask here :).

So: can anyone help me with this? I've found somekind of thesis of someone on a university from Thailand which really got into it deep but unfortunately at the end simulates it and so the formula to really calculate it from real time data is missing.

Thanks in advance!