What car do u drive and what have u driven so far?

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Re: What car do u drive and what have u driven so far?



Honda CBR 600
Suzuki GSXR-750
Suzuki GSXR 1000


Audi TT
Porsche 911 Turbo (1992)
Corvette C4
Ferrari F360
Lamborghini Gallardo

After the bikes the cars were extremely underwhelming. The Gallardo simply felt like a "slightly" souped up Audi TT with a clunky gearbox, after stepping off the GSXR-750. The C4 felt slowest of all.

I believe in terms of acceleration sub 150mph you'd need something like a Veyron to just equal a 750 bike so thats not a surprise.
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Re: What car do u drive and what have u driven so far?


I drive a Mazda RX7 because I'm a pleb.

Can't even begin to remember what I've driven overall.

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Re: What car do u drive and what have u driven so far?


Well let's see,

First Car @ 17, Vauxhall Corsa GSI. :oops: At the time I was like a king, now looking back Ah Gawd, what an ejeet

"toyota Glanza" but with a 1.5cynos engine and some mods for a cool 250bhp in a tin can. Glad I matured not to be an idiot in it though

" Nissan Pulsar VZR N-1 v2" - imported from Japan myself. Longest 2 weeks ever, couldn't sleep. Neither could my bank account.

With the family - "Mazda 6 estate 2.2D sport" most reliable runaround ever.

Weekends - BMW m5, which I am selling as the family has no officially taken over.

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Re: What car do u drive and what have u driven so far?


HONDA CBR250R 2011 sold for wedding budget and I couldn't buy a new bike. I want to buy a Kawa Er6-f this time
HONDA Civic hb 1.8. 2007. I like my car very much. But if I can I want buy 2.4 accord

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Re: What car do u drive and what have u driven so far?


Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 (stolen) :evil: :x

Renault Clio 1.9D
BMW 523i :) (E39)
VW Polo 1.4 TDI :P (liked that one a lot)
Mini Clubman (F54) Cooper
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Re: What car do u drive and what have u driven so far?


  • Ford escort mk3 1,3l
    Volkswagen golf mk2 1,3l
    Opel corsa c 1,2l
    Fiat grande punto 1,2l
current car:
  • Kia picanto 1,1l
I live and commute in the city so I prefer a small car as you can notice.

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Re: What car do u drive and what have u driven so far?


I drive a 2016 Porsche Boxster Spyder.

I have owned a 2009 E92 BMW M3 for 7 years before I swapped. I owned a Scion tC before that for a few years.

I currently own a 2007 MV Agusta F4 Senna and a 2012 Aprilia RSV4 Factory APRC as well.

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Re: What car do u drive and what have u driven so far?


Cars I owned...


VW Fox `05
Ford Mondeo `97
Fiat Punto `97
VW Polo `94
Mercedes 230E W124 `90
BMW 525i 24V `91
Mercedes 190E W201 2.0 `90
Mercedes 380 SE W126 `82
Ford Kuga ´17

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Re: What car do u drive and what have u driven so far?


My Cars
VW Golf Mk2 1.3
Peugeot 405 1.9D
Vauxhall Cavalier (Opel Vectra) 1.8 GL
Vauxhall (Opel) Calibra SE1 2.0 8v
Vauxhall (Opel) Calibra SE8 2.0 16v
Opel Astra Bertone Coupe 2.0 16v Turbo
Vauxhall (Opel) Astra GTC 2.0 CDTi
Vauxhall (Opel) Insignia 2.0 CDTi (Current Car)

Cars I've driven
Lotus Elise
Aston Martin Vanquish
Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale
Early 90's Formula 2 (believe previously driven by Damon Hill)
Forti Corse FG03 Formula 1 car

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Re: What car do u drive and what have u driven so far?


Honda 91 CRX DX
Honda 90 CRX Si
Honda 07 Civic Si
Honda 07 S2000 - Still have
Subaru 13 BRZ Supercharged
Honda 16 Accord Coupe V6 MT - Still have

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Re: What car do u drive and what have u driven so far?


I've had quite a few of very similar cars (thanks to a novated leasing agreement) so I'll spare you the different colors of basically the same car...

1983 Ford Falcon 4.1L Inline 6 sedan and wagon (estate for our euro brethren). Great car to learn with, and eat up the Kms but not much in the performance dept. Great torque though!

1980s something, Toyota Hilux single cab, diesel. Terrible in every way.

2002 - 2004 Holden Commodore S and SS. Thought they was really good at the time having striped out of my old Falcon. Not quick, but handled well on smooth winding roads. Terrible gearboxes (Manual and Auto).

2004-2005 Ford Falcon XR6. A little on the heavy side for an everyman's 4 door NA sports car, but the ride, torque and interior was a huge step up over anything I'd had previously. Gearboxes were ok but 4 gears... Not enough.

Late 90s Toyota Starlet, hugely modified. Was like driving a bee with completely overhauled suspension. Also felt fast... But wasn't really all that quick.

2005 Ford Focus. Just a box on wheels.

2003 Ford Fairmont Ghia V8, V8 out of an early 2000s Mustang increased in size to 5.4L. Good torque, but floats like a boat which makes it a good cruiser but that's it.

80s Nissan Pulsar (Primera). Total rubbish.

2015 Merc C220. Great looking interior, no performance, no handling and unable to deal with uneven roads. All about the gadgets. Waste of cash.

Currently own:
In Australia... 2007 FPV F6 Typhoon (basically an all bells and whistles Ford Falcon high powered turbo charged inline 6). So much fun to drive. Makes AMGs, M series etc look over priced and slow of similar vintage. Wish the tech was more modern... No USB or Bluetooth streaming, but the drive is so engaging you don't notice unless cruising for 6 hours.

In China... 06 Toyota Reiz 2.5 V6 (Mark X). It's junk! All gadgets, no soul, nothing that engages.
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Re: What car do u drive and what have u driven so far?


I can see some great cars in the past posts. The more interesting cars I've driven over the years :

Ferrari California
BMW M3 F80
Mercedes C63s AMG
Mazda mx5 mk3 with a V8
Turbo Mazda mx5 (250hp, 1000kg, amazing fun for the money)
Golf gti mk5 (personal car)

I've personally started driving on a 1.8 Italian beauty that even Michael Schumacher loved (the 1.8 Fiat Stilo coupe :-P). I then sold that and bought the mk5 GTI which I've driven for the past 5 years. Great fwd car. My next daily driver is currently on order, should arrive in the next few weeks, a C43 AMG. I also own a mk2.5 MX5 that it's currently being turbo'd to use as a track car.

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Re: What car do u drive and what have u driven so far?


Previously owned [in order of ownership]

1989 Suzuki Swift GS 1.3
1991 Suzuki Swift GTi 1.3 (engine tuned, 130hp, heavily body tuned, worst car i've had and driven)
1990 Suzuki Swift GA 1.0 3-cyl (basic, package hauler, 2-seater grey license (low tax))
1992 BMW 3-Series 316i E36 Sedan
1995 Alfa Romeo 146 1.7i Boxer (Full options) (wonderous machine) ***
1996 Lancia Ypsilon 1.4i (Alcantara interior) (light as a feather, drives luxurious, very economic).
2001 Skoda Fabia 1.4i 5-Door Sedan (Cruise control, etc.).

Currently owning and driving;

2001 HONDA HR-V 1.6i VTEC 5-door 4x4
2000 Opel Astra Coupé Bertone Edition 1.8i Full Options daily driver [ 412.000 KM on odo and counting. incredible. ]
1971 Pontiac Firebird Formula 400 [6.6L] V8 (GTO block), 400 hp. ***

Cars driven (but not owned)

2004 Lamborghini Murcielago ***
1967 Pontiac Firebird 400 Custom [goes 300 KPH] ***
1981 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am
2013 Audi TTS Quattro ***
2014 Tesla Model S
2011 Tesla Roadster
2014 Ford Fiesta Ecoboost 1.0 Ti
2015 Fiat 500 (hated it to the bones)
2005 Fiat 500 (actually hated it less than the new model)
2003 BMW X5
2015 BMW 5-Series 540 Touring M-sport F11
2012 Volvo V70 Polestar
1997 Land Rover Defender 110 Custom (with liftkit)
1994 Renault Safrane Biturbo (full options loaded luxury bullet)
2008 VW Polo GTi (South African version, so the really old one, what a fun thing)
2006 Iveco Daily Cab-Only (special built, unfinished) with a 2014 3.0 l 205 HP (470 Nm) 6-speed Twin-Turbo Diesel (FAST!!)

*** favourite mentions
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Re: What car do u drive and what have u driven so far?


I found this classic racecam vid of an early 4cyl Group A Nissan Skyline rounding up BMW M3's @ Bathurst - in the wet..


I have a fond memory of doing something fairly similar, back in the day, in the rain ( & on public roads too, how naughty!)..
..in a freshly de-restricted Nippon-import Nismo-factory race-homologation road car version..
& for sure - it too was very torquey-predictable, & def' not "wobbling around"..
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Re: What car do u drive and what have u driven so far?


Currently owning:

• MR2 Spyder (with engine & gearbox sourced from a salvaged Elise SC. Great handling, cheap to run & legendary Toyota reliability). Planning to buy a new family car (in a form of wagon or crossover).

• Kawasaki Ninja 300 (if I'm gonna sell this bike I'd replace it with Triumph Daytona 765).

Previously owned:

• an old Daihatsu (don't remember which model but liked it because it's easy to do parking)

• old Mitsus (Mirage hatchback & Lancer sedan).

Also driven/riden:

• mk3/4 Clio RS
• mk2/3 Megane RS
• mk5 Polo GTI 1.8
• mk5/6/7 Golf GTI
• mk5 Golf R32/mk7 Golf R
• NA/NB MX-5
• DC2/DC5 Integra Type R
• Lancer Evolution 4/5/6
• GC8 Impreza WRX STI
• ST185/205 Celica GT-Four
• S2000
• S1/S2 Elise
• B5/B7 RS4 Avant
• 911s (G-series, 964, 993, 996, 997)
• S100RR
• ZX10R
• Fireblade
• R1