Technical value of Ted Kravitz

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Re: 2018 pre-season testing thread


Sheesh guys.
Why are we even talking about this in the testing thread?

Yapping on and on and on and on about what you like and don't like about Ted.

Whether you like or don't like the guy! Good for you. Nobody cares.

He is there to do a job Sky hired him for. He has been doing it for yeeeeeaaaaaarrs. and what do you know....he is still there, so Sky must approve.

If you want to watch his notebooks or info during the race. Great, if you don't like him or don't wanna watch it, then don't.

This thread is turning out to be as annoying as "rude, non technical funny guy" Ted Kravitz. :wink:

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Re: 2018 pre-season testing thread


Seriously guys you are lucky because you wont suffer the return of the infamous Lobato to the Spanish TV. Ted can´t be worse than this guy.