My mod projects for next year and re-designs of 2014~2018 F1 cars I would like to see made as mods

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My mod projects for next year and re-designs of 2014~2018 F1 cars I would like to see made as mods


Hello to all of you, my name is Antony Scafa and I come from Italy, a pleasure to meet all of you here.

Before I would start explaining what this topic of mine will all be about, I have to premise two things clearly:

1) I've never seen a whole lot of F1 in my life honestly and never been a true fan of it either, I've only played a few of their games since I'm a casual gamer, such as 2001 on PSX, 99-02 Challenge on Xbox, 2006 on PS2 and a Ferrari LCD one. I currently have 2010~2013 on Xbox 360 (RGH) and a custom version of 99-02 for PC made by Valpaso75 which happens to include almost ALL years of F1 up to this year (but I've stopped at 2016 on updates for two reasons). I'm only a fan of it for its cars and their designs other than drivers too instead.

2)I know that what I'm going to talk on this topic is going to be very un-realistic, never gonna happen even once in real life unfortunately and maybe upset some of you here perhaps (hopefully not though). So that's why this is all gonna be imaginative and never be affiliated by FIA in anyway of course, you've been warned.

I'm gonna confess that I admittedly despised all F1 vehicles from 2014 up to this year for their weird (but functional) design choices they went with and the switch to V6 Hybrid Turbo honestly, especially those ugly-ass "penises" in 2014, hate that ****, so terrible.
So I'm currently researcing tons of images of concepts and redesigns of F1 vehicles from all of those 5 years including this one too (because **** halo obviously, I'm one of many who hate it so much alongside the new terrifying redesigned logo, ugh...) to see how could I imagine all of them with better aero packages, V8/V10 Hybrid Turbo, no aero fins at all like shark ones and more ground effects too, but a lot of you might say that it would be impossible to have a F1 season with these ideas of mine since it would cost way too much for both FIA and all constructors, and worse, have almost all drivers nearly killed in any session due to their extreme-ass speed and G-Forces they cannot deal with obviously. So this is why I'm taking all of this in simulation games instead, since they might be all perfect to showcase whatever the heck I personally want to see in F1 without any problems whatsoever thankfully.

So this is what I'm gonna propose to do here for next year since I'm hopefully gonna be a modder once I will completely finish my crappy school I'm currently studying in hopefully too: I want to create 5 separated mods for Grand Prix 4 (but even for 3 and other games such as AC, rFactor 1/2 and so on) which will all cover those years I mentioned with redesigned vehicles having either V8 or V10 with Hybrid Turbo (why not?), no DRS at all, wider wings and aero all around with lower placement of the whole body almost touching the ground thus creating more ground effects like the old ones and maybe even allow some of the banned technologies too from the past such as active supensions, fans, four-wheel drive, double diffusers and turbine engines too perhaps and get rid of all aero fins like shark ones to make them more sleek looking which I absolutely adore seeing honestly.

I'm gonna start off with 2014 first on how I want F1 cars to all look like in my mod with images for all of you to see:

Either editing all of the F1s from a 2014 season mod (if possible) by removing their ugly noses off front like in this photoshopped collection which I absolutely adored so much when I saw it and maybe even having wider wings on the back and their body a bit down, almost touching the ground, while having the Ferrari and Mercedes front wings a bit higher like in 2013 but not that much so to make it balanced between these two years like in this 2014 design prediction image.

Or render in 3D fan made concepts before all the official design were unveiled which I found these days while speculating on this matter of mine, such as these ones I really love made by Klaud Wasiak or these ones made by MCDesigns:
-Caterham (alternate one)

i really hope that it would be possible to do this with one of these two choices for all of you to choose from, so that we could all take part on making 3D models of them for my own fantasy mod with my own preferred designs and V8/10 Hybrid Turbo engines. Apart from this, let me also know your personal opinion on the 2014 F1 designs in the days they were all officially unvelied to the public, if you perhaps hated them at first but then started to grow all on you or still hate it just like I currently do with halo too.

I really hope to make this conversation very interesting and not too troublesome for me, just like Reddit's Formula 1 perhaps.


(And lastly, how would you like to name my re-designed five years F1 mod collection?)