Status of chassis homologation in2012?

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Status of chassis homologation in2012?

Post by WhiteBlue » Fri Apr 13, 2012 11:53 pm


In this thread about the F2012 the member Hush told us without any quotations or material to back it up that the chassis homologation rules are changed for 2012. Where previously only one chassis could be homologated per year such a rule is supposed to be abolished for this season.

Fact of the matter is that chassis homologation rules are not laid down in the FiA F1 technical or sporting regulations. There are hints that they are part of the secrete resource restriction agreement that came into force in summer 2009 and runs out at the end of 2012.

Yesterday in FP1 Marc Surer - ex F1 driver and Sky Germany commentator - mentioned that the teams are not allowed to have more than one chassis homologation per year. Surer is very technically astute and I would be surprised if he would make a faulty report on such an issue.

Naturally a re homologation would have an impact on such issues as Ferrari's pull rod front suspension or Mercedes DDRS.

I would ask all users to help us with factual information so that we can determine what the rules are that the teams have to follow.

One point ahead of the discussion. The membership in FOTA is not relevant to the RRA. A team that has left FOTA is not rid of the obligations of the RRA because the RRA cannot be terminated by unilateral decision prior to running out at the end of the season.

This is not meant as a discussion about the RRA. We have a thread for that. Please restrict input to quotes and testimony regarding chassis re homologation.
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