I want to design one f1 spare part

All that has to do with the power train, gearbox, clutch, fuels and lubricants, etc. Generally the mechanical side of Formula One.
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Re: I want to design one f1 spare part

Post by Tim.Wright » Wed Mar 16, 2011 12:14 am


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Re: I want to design one f1 spare part

Post by PlatinumZealot » Thu Mar 17, 2011 6:22 pm

newabb wrote:Hi everyone,

Can anyone tell me the book that I can design one of many f1 engine spare parts except bolt, nuts, ring, and screw?

Thank you very much in advance
One of the things I learned in machine design is that no design is "wrong" As long as you have sound scientific reasoning your design is your design, even if it doesn't work. Generally, I like to start with a basic geometry first. you know, features that are given and cannot be altered, like for example the number of gear teeth in a gear or even the pitch diamter. Then you visualize and list out all the loads on the part and when they act on the part. You then find all the equations that you will need. Then you put in your requirements into the equations.. select your materials and stuff too. Then you just work it out.

On the computer now, I find it to be a little confusing sometimes. But one thing I gather from it, is that you have to be very careful how you place the resrtraints and how different bodies react to each other.
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