To learn and share about dampers / shock absorbers

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Re: To learn and share about dampers / shock absorbers


marcush wrote:
Mon Mar 29, 2021 12:26 am
These dampers are shimmed for a high downforce car (lmp) and so they are configured for high vertical load , thats possibly double force of what is needed for a non downforce car don't know the motion ratio , of damper/wheel travel is .
a flat bottom lmp car also runs zero droop at the front to keep the front edge of the floor as close ti the ground as possible .
LMP 1/2 uses Carbon brakes so front
bump force damping (low speed damping) needs to be dramatic .
So you will have something like 60 to 100kg springs in a Elise type track car if I remember correctly and these dampers have a lot of adjusters (high speed bump/rebound and low speed bump and rebound . Without a dyno curves its
impossible to know if the shimming and bleed is anywhere near what you need and adjustment range is enough
but first things first here:
fitting these beauties in your car ,you will first need to establish closed and fully extended lengths and compare with what is installed in the car .The fully compressed value cannot(!) be shorter or longer than your original part .droop travel can be less , maybe must be less .
Send a pm if you really want to go ahead with this .
marcush,I tried again but my PMs remain in the outbox :(