Splitting of F-Duct posts from Lotus E20 thread

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Re: Splitting of F-Duct posts from Lotus E20 thread


Dear all,

while we understand a certain breakup of discussion happens when splitting a number of posts from an existing topic, splits have always happened and will continue to be executed when deemed necessary. There is however careful consideration, and we're not exactly splitting 2 posts about a rear wing to a new topic. That is also why we usually wait a little bit to see if a technical innovation is worth enough discussion for its own thread.

In this case, the Lotus VD / F-duct / whatever, that was clearly the case. In fact, topics were started about the Fduct by members because it is a justified innovation to have its own topic. It will also be much easier to find for new people coming along.

I also wish to point out that outlashes against moderators have no place in any topic. To correctly speak your mind, either create a topic in the "site announcements and support" section, or send a PM to the moderators group.

Now that the split is done and was beforehand approved by all mods and myself, there is no going back.

Thank you for your consideration,