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Re: Complaint


Point of fact (this being a technical forum)

One of the key things about LiveAid & BandAid that they didn't just simply send cash or food that fell into the wrong hands? They bought their own ships and lorries to take aid directly to the refugee camps. That was radical in its day.

Once the immediate famine had abated, they switched resources to supporting self sufficiency, not hand outs.


Back to OP - I agree this is not a suitable topic for discussion on the technical boards. However, I see no harm if it is kept to a single off topic thread, like autogyro's gearbox. We should be grown up enough to tolerate a single contained thread?

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Ciro Pabón
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Re: Complaint


I believe that people in a forum should be able to speak about what the mods should do. This is what differentiates F1Tech from other forums where admins think they know it all.

I also believe that a moderator is mooore than able to distinguish the tone of a thread and lock it when he is too tired or too wise and he knows what's going to happen. My advice: let Tomba be, he's an extraordinary mod.

Finally, I also think that being afraid of a different point of view in a thread is what make conflictive threads. Manchild has a right to write what he wants. Tomba has a right to lock what he wants. That's it, Manchild.

As for F1 collaborating with diminishing poverty, I think the best they do are not concerts, but the initiative to diminish road accidents.

I took this figures from the World Health Organization, for 2002. I summed all the deaths in all the countries of the world. This is what I got:


I also belive, very strongly, that another way to avoid poverty is through sustainable mobility. The global warming issue is a shame to the transportation community.

In India the accident rate is excessive, as in most asian countries. F1 does an effective work in that respect. Let me assure you, dear Manchild, that working against accidents is the more effective way of FIA helping India. Heck, actually it is a good idea, I think. What about pilots giving away ad time to the national accident office?

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Re: Complaint


I'll end my "abuse" of forum with this post.

I can't believe what I've read and what was written by some about people who came up with Band Aid and other events, in their desire to help. Bob Geldof at first.

If someone in Africa abused donations from Band Aid, Live Aid, LIVE 8 etc. than what gives some of you the right to call those events and organizers as scams, frauds... whatever?!

Why blame people who sent eatable food and spendable money for crimes of some sob in Africa?!

Bob Geldof is next to John Lennon, one of the greatest humanists of 20th century. Period.

F1 can't wipe out problems in India, but it could save thousands, perhaps even hundreds of thousands, if it gives up on TV coverage profit for food and drugs to be bought. Helping just one person to survive is a heroic act. It's easy to say that it isn't worth a try since it isn't overall solution to the problem, especially when your own life isn't at stake.

BTW, I'll consider Agenda_Is_Incorrect criticism of my British colonial sense of guilt, as a compliment to my English of since it is not my first language, and especially since I'm not British and neither from any other former or contemporary colonial country. The situation from me is sadly, absolutely opposite, but mentioning that would be off topic.

That's it. At least leave what I wrote, since this forum is visited by people from FOM, FIA, teams and perhaps the idea "F1 for India" gets trough to those who make the moves.

Nothing more to add to problem I was referring to.