Pat Symonds hits out at Ferrari

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Williams technical director Pat Symonds slams Ferrari over the Bottas saga. He claims Ferrari's behaviour destabilizes the relationship of Bottas and Williams.

Rumours about the potential marriage between Finn Valtteri Bottas and Ferrari have been swirling around for some weeks now. The Italian team is said to have contacted the successful British squad in a bid to snatch the former GP3 champion away. Ferrari is rumoured to be ready to pay for the release.

Symonds is confident that Bottas will stay at Williams as he can't see any reason which could break up their collaboration.

The Briton also revealed that the rumours could have a negative effect on the relationship of Valtteri and Williams.

"It has been done so that everyone is aware, and from our point of view that is very destabilising not only for the driver but also the whole team," Symonds said.

He also added that Williams would have gone a different route if they were in a similiar situation to Ferrari.