Vettel admits similarities to Schumacher

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Four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel admitted that some parallels could be drawed between himself and fellow German F1 legend Michael Schumacher.

Sebastian Vettel has been called the new Michael Schumacher since he joined the fabled Italian team Ferrari. The German revealed some parallels could be recognized between his career and the one of the legendary seven-time world champion Schumacher.

"We are both German and have joined Ferrari in difficult times. There are also similarities in terms of team spirit and structure."

Vettel did not deny that he and his team are more then delighted with what they have already reached in the first part of the 2015 campaign which was preceded by some very difficult seasons.

"What we have done so far resembels to a miracle. We have exceeded our expectations."

However, the quadruple champion admitted he still needs to get acquainted with Ferrari better.

"There are still many novelties to me."

Sebastian revealed Ferrari has set clear targets and they believe they can make them real because the team has a great potential.

"I want to be world champion with Ferrari. We want to repeat the magic of the past. It is an ambitious plan, but the potential is huge."