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24-10-2016Who is your driver of the US GP?
29-08-2016Do you approve Max Verstappen's driving at Spa?
29-08-2016Who is your driver of the Belgian GP?
11-07-2016What do you think the FIA should do about the radio ban?
20-03-2016Who was your driver of the day at Melbourne?
01-03-2016How strong can McLaren be in 2016?
29-11-2015Who was the driver of the day at Abu Dhabi?
27-09-2015Who was the driver of the day at Japan?
20-09-2015Who was the driver of the day at Singapore?
06-09-2015Who was the driver of the day at Monza?
23-08-2015Who was the driver of the day at Spa?
26-07-2015Who was the driver of the day at Hungary?
05-07-2015Who was the driver of the day at Silverstone?
21-06-2015Who was the driver of the day at Austria?
07-06-2015Who was the driver of the day at Canada?
24-05-2015Who was the driver of the day at Monaco?
10-05-2015Who was the driver of the day at Barcelona?
20-04-2015Who was the driver of the day at Bahrain?
12-04-2015Who was the driver of the day at China 2015?
29-03-2015Who was the driver of the day at Malaysia 2015?
15-03-2015Who was the driver of the day at Australia 2015?
05-03-2015Do you think that Alonso's testing incident was reported correctly and fully?
01-02-2015Which is the most technically interesting car?
10-11-2014Who was the driver of the day at Brazil?
03-11-2014Who was the driver of the day at Austin?
21-09-2014Who was your driver of the day at Singapore?
07-09-2014Who was your driver of the day at Monza?
20-07-2014Who was the driver of the day at Germany?
09-07-2014Do you like the new 18 inch tested by Lotus at Silverstone?
22-06-2014Who was the driver of the day at Austria?
09-06-2014Who was the driver of the day at Canada?
25-05-2014Who was the driver of the day at Monaco?
12-05-2014Who was the driver of the day at Spain?
20-04-2014Who was the driver of the day at China?
15-04-2014Do you think Domenicali's resignation will solve Ferrari's issues?
06-04-2014Was Maldonado's penalty for his accident with Gutierrez correct?
25-11-2013Was Massa's penalty fair?
17-11-2013Was it right to select Kovalainen instead of Valsecchi?
30-09-2013What do you think about Vettel's pace advantage in Singapore?
11-09-2013Is Kimi Raikkonen right to move to Ferrari?
22-08-2013Will McLaren bounce back this year?
28-07-2013Who was driver of the day at Hungary?
29-04-2013Are tyres currently too prominent in F1?
16-04-2013Do you support the idea of supplying extra tyres for rookies in FP1?

Closed Polls

03-07-2016Who was your driver of the day at Austria?
19-06-2016Who was your driver of the day at Baku?
12-06-2016Who was your driver of the day at Canada?
29-05-2016Who was your driver of the day at Monaco?
01-05-2016Who was your driver of the day at Russia?
17-04-2016Who was your driver of the day at China?
03-04-2016Who was your driver of the day at Bahrain?
20-03-2016Who was your driver of the day at Melbourne?
18-01-2016Which team will surprise in 2016?
15-11-2015Who was the driver of the day at Brazil?
02-11-2015Who was the driver of the day at Mexico?
25-10-2015Who was the driver of the day at the US GP?
11-10-2015Who was the driver of the day at Russia?
28-11-2014How do you rate 2014 season?
23-11-2014Who was the driver of the day at Yas Marina?
30-09-2014Is Fernando Alonso going to stay with Ferrari in 2015?
25-08-2014Who was the driver of the day at Belgium?
28-07-2014Who was the driver of the day at Hungary?
06-07-2014Who was the driver of the day at Silverstone?
26-05-2014Was Nico Rosberg's mistake in Monaco Q3 deliberate or genuine?
31-03-2014Who was the driver of the day at Malaysia?
17-03-2014Who was the driver of the day at Melbourne?
26-02-2014Which is the best looking car of 2014?
29-01-2014Do you like the sound of 2014 cars?
10-12-2013Do you approve the "Double points in the last race" regulation in 2014?
02-12-2013What is your rating for the 2013 season (1 - low, 6 - high)
21-11-2013Will Ferrari get a second place in constructors championship?
20-11-2013Will Ferrari get a second place in constructors championship?
04-11-2013Do you think Vettel is going to win both US and Brazil GPs?
28-10-2013India GP - who was your driver of the day?
14-10-2013Who was your driver of the day on Suzuka?
07-10-2013Who was your driver of the day in Korean GP?
23-09-2013Is the 2013 season 'over' due to RBR / Vettel form?
17-09-2013Is Felipe Massa going to stay in F1?
02-09-2013Is Ricciardo the right man for Red Bull?
16-03-2013Is the FIA too reluctant to allow racing when it rains?
03-03-2013What team is in best shape to start the season?
01-02-2013Are the modesty panels a good measure?
25-11-2012Which car impressed you most this year?
07-11-2012Who will win the 2012 championship?
02-11-2012Will Hamilton stop the runaway Vettel in Abu Dhabi?
18-10-2012Will Sauber overtake Mercedes in the championship?
12-09-2012Is Mercedes' coanda exhaust going to pay off?
12-08-2012Do you enjoy the summer F1 breaks?
29-07-2012Who is your driver of the Hungarian GP?
23-07-2012Who will win the Hungarian GP?
20-07-2012Winner of the German GP?
09-07-2012Is Maldonado due for a more serious penalty after so many accidents?
06-06-2012In light of rule clarifications, should the FIA consider a full regulation rewrite for F1?
14-05-2012Who is your driver of the Spanish GP?
15-04-2012Will Ferrari be able to gain some ground after Bahrain?
25-03-2012Who is your driver of the Malaysian GP?
18-03-2012Who is the moral winner of the Australian GP?
17-01-2012Which team will be the surprise of 2012?
27-11-2011Who is your driver of the Brazilian GP?
27-11-2011Which new 2012 F1 car do you look forward to most?
21-11-2011Who will win the last race of 2011?
13-11-2011Who is your man of the Abu Dhabi GP?
30-09-2011Will Mercedes GP field a stronger car in 2012?
19-09-2011Who will win at Singapore?
11-09-2011Who is the man of the Italian GP?
04-09-2011Victor at the Gran Premio D'Italia?
30-07-2011Is Red Bull struggling to keep up the development race?
23-07-2011Will Chandhok fare better than Trulli in only one GP?
10-07-2011Are the stewards too harsh on avoidable collisions?
28-06-2011Can anyone still hold Vettel off the 2011 title?
29-05-2011How do you judge Hamilton's Monaco race?
22-05-2011Who is your man of the Spanish GP?
13-05-2011Who will win the Spanish Grand Prix?
08-05-2011Who is your driver of the Turkish GP?
17-04-2011Who was the driver of the Chinese GP?
11-04-2011Who will win in China?
08-04-2011Should the Malaysian GP be moved to a drier time of year?
04-04-2011Winner of the Malaysian GP?
27-03-2011What was the biggest surprise at Melbourne?
21-03-2011Who will win in Australia?
09-03-2011Will lack of hot and dry weather testing negatively affect the teams?
09-02-2011What type of rear suspension will win the championship?
19-01-2011Will Pirelli meet or surpass the performance expectations?
01-12-2010Which was the most improved upon car of the season?
14-11-2010Who was the man of the year?
07-11-2010Who will win the championship?
31-10-2010Who will win the Brazilian GP?
30-10-2010Who will win the Brazilian GP?
24-10-2010Who will win the championship?
18-10-2010Who will win the first ever Korean GP?
04-10-2010Who will win at Suzuka?
26-09-2010Was Webber to blame for Hamilton's DNF?
13-09-2010Who will win at Singapore?
03-09-2010Who will win at Monza?
02-09-2010Did Barrichello deserve a penalty for crashing into Alonso?
29-08-2010Was Vettel's penalty justified?
24-08-2010Winner of the Belgian GP?
02-08-2010As we've passed the midway-point of the season, who will win the title?
01-08-2010Driver of the race?
30-07-2010Who will win in Hungary?
25-07-2010Were Ferrari's team orders justified?
19-07-2010Who will win the German GP?
11-07-2010Was Alonso's penalty on Kubica's overtake justified?
07-07-2010Winner of the British GP?
01-07-2010Will Sauber score more points in Silverstone?
27-06-2010Is Webber to blame for his crash?
18-06-2010Who will be the winner in Valencia?
13-06-2010How do you rate Schumacher's performance at Canada?
09-06-2010Will RBR's supremacy end in Canada?
03-06-2010Who will win in Canada?
31-05-2010Who is to blame for the Turkish incident?
20-05-2010Who will win in Turkey?
16-05-2010Who was the driver of the race in Monaco?
09-05-2010Who will win at Monaco?
19-04-2010Who will win in Spain?
18-04-2010Does Hamilton deserve a penalty for the pitlane incident?
10-04-2010Who will win in China?
04-04-2010Who is the driver of the Malaysian GP weekend?
28-03-2010Who will win in Malaysia?
24-03-2010Who will win in Melbourne?
06-03-2010Who will win at Bahrain?
04-03-2010How will the USF1 operation end up?
24-01-2010Who will be world champion in 2010?
23-12-2009Does Schumi have a chance to beat Rosberg?
19-12-2009Will Schumacher return to F1?
01-11-2009Will Raikkonen remain an F1 driver in 2010?
21-10-2009Who do you want as the next FIA president?
19-10-2009What's your idea on the new Lotus F1 team?
07-10-2009Who will win the championship?
04-10-2009Who will be the replacer of Alonso at Renault?
28-09-2009Who will win at Japan?
22-09-2009Who will win at Singapore?
31-08-2009Did Renault really stage Alonso's win at Singapore 2008?
23-08-2009Who will win at Spa?
26-07-2009Who will win at Valencia?
14-07-2009Who will win the Hungarian GP?
25-06-2009Who will win at Nurburgring?
26-05-2009How will the 2010 season turn out?
17-05-2009Will Button be on the hightest scaffold again at Monaco?
07-05-2009Who will win at Spain?
19-04-2009Who will win at Bahrain?
19-04-2009Who will win at Bahrain?
16-04-2009Who will win at China?
09-04-2009What do you expect of the diffuser appeal hearing?
29-03-2009Who will win at Malaysia?
26-03-2009Who will win at Melbourne 2009
18-03-2009What's your idea in the new points system?
08-03-2009What do you expect from Brawn GP?
20-01-2009Which 2009 car is most impressive?
16-12-2008Is it right that only Renault can change its 2009 engine?
02-12-2008What do you know so far of the 2009 regs?
28-10-2008What is your opinion on the standard engines?
28-09-2008What is your impression on night racing?
16-09-2008What do you think of Hamilton's driving at Monza?
14-09-2008Who will win the first night race at Singapore?
07-09-2008Who will win at Monza?
24-08-2008Who will win at Spa-Francorchamps?
11-08-2008Who will win at Valencia?
04-08-2008Will Ferrari recover in time to keep Hamilton from scoring his first title?
22-07-2008Who will win at Hungaroring?
07-07-2008Who will win the German GP?
22-06-2008Do you feel that the FIA is picking on McLaren?
16-06-2008Who will win in France?
08-06-2008Do you find Hamilton's and Rosberg's penalty just?
26-05-2008Will Mosley stay on as President after the vote of confidence?
26-05-2008Who will win at Canada?
11-05-2008Who will win the 2008 Monaco GP?
06-05-2008Who will win at Turkey?
27-04-2008Will Super Aguri complete the 2008 season?
21-04-2008Who will win at Barcelona?
03-04-2008Should Mosley stand down as FIA President?
24-03-2008Who will win at Bahrain?
15-03-2008Who will win at the Malaysian GP?
28-02-2008Who will win the Australian GP?
01-02-2008Which 2008 car is most innovative?
10-01-2008Who will win the 2008 championship?
02-01-2008Who will get the second race seat at Force India?
14-12-2007Do you support a strict limitation of the use of windtunnels?
11-12-2007Who will end up in the McLaren seat?
02-11-2007Where will Alonso drive in 2008?
21-10-2007Will Alonso stay with McLaren in 2008?
07-10-2007Who will win the title at Interlagos?
01-10-2007Who will win at China?
24-09-2007Who will win at Fuji?
17-09-2007What do you think about the punishment of McLaren?
14-09-2007Who will win at Spa-Francorchamps?
10-09-2007Will McLaren be excluded from F1 over the spy saga?
27-08-2007Will Alonso stay at McLaren?
10-08-2007Who will become World Champion this season?
15-07-2007Who will win at Nürbürgring?
10-07-2007Who will replace Albers at Spyker?
01-07-2007What is your view on the 1.5 litre engines in 2011?
25-06-2007Who will win at Magny-Cours?
11-06-2007How do you judge current SC regulations?
27-05-2007Who will win at Canada?
14-05-2007Who will win at Monaco?
06-05-2007Who will win the Spanish GP?
16-04-2007Do you like the idea of night races?
08-04-2007Who will win at Bahrain?
01-04-2007Who will win at Malaysia?
18-03-2007Who was the biggest surprise of the Australian weekend?
07-03-2007Who will win the season opener at Melbourne?
12-02-2007Which team impressed the most so far?
17-01-2007Does the Toyota TF107 meet your expectations?
12-12-2006What do you expect of the new car's front suspensions?
08-12-2006Will Alonso test for McLaren before January?
31-10-2006Who was the best rookie of the 2006 season?
23-10-2006Who will take the 2nd race seat at Spyker MF1 next season?
11-10-2006Who will win the 2006 Constructors' Championship?
01-10-2006Who will become the 2006 F1 World Champion?
27-09-2006Who impressed the most during the 2006 F1 season?
24-09-2006Will Lewis Hamilton make his debut during the Chinese GP?
11-09-2006Who will join Alonso with McLaren?
08-09-2006Will Schumi announce his retirement at Monza or not?
27-08-2006Was it right to ban the mass dampers?
21-08-2006Who will win in Turkey?
08-08-2006Will Kovalainen take the 2nd race seat at Renault in 2007?
06-08-2006Who was your man of the Hungarian GP
02-08-2006Who will win at Hungary?
17-07-2006What do you think of BMW's new wings?
03-07-2006Will Lewis Hamilton team up with Alonso next season?
29-06-2006Who will win at Indianapolis?
17-06-2006Who will team up with Fisichella at 2007?
11-06-2006Who was the man of the race at Silverstone?
08-06-2006Will Button take his first win this weekend?
28-05-2006Was Schumi's mistake during qualifying deliberate?
22-05-2006Who will win at Monaco?
09-05-2006What is McLaren's problem according to you?
24-04-2006Should Ide stay in F1?
15-04-2006Who will win the San Marino GP?
02-04-2006Which team disappoints you the most so far?
19-03-2006Which manufacturer has, according to you, the most problems with his engine?
12-03-2006What's your biggest Bahrain surprise?
01-03-2006Who will win at Bahrain?
14-02-2006Where will JP Montoya be in 2007?
30-01-2006Which of these men will be the first to win a GP this year?
16-01-2006What's your idea of the F2006?
14-12-2005What team will surprise in 2006?
29-10-2005What do you think of the CDG wing?
16-10-2005What to do now?
08-10-2005Who will win the constructors championship?
20-09-2005Should Villeneuve stay with BMW?
07-09-2005Where will Alonso become champion?
21-08-2005What do you think about the Turkish GP?
25-07-2005Who will win the constructors championship?
21-06-2005Who's at fault for the USGP farce
05-06-2005Do you consider the one-tyre rule unsafe?
23-05-2005Will Schumacher stay in F1?
16-05-2005Who will win at Monaco?
10-05-2005Is the B.A.R 2-race ban justified?
04-04-2005Does de la Rosa earn a race seat in some team?
03-04-2005Will Schum's F2005 last 2 GP's?
28-10-2004Are you supportive towards the GPWC?
20-09-2004Are you happy with 3-car teams?
15-09-2004Should Villeneuve get a racechance at Renault?
24-07-2004How will Pizzonia do in a Williams?
19-06-2004Who would you like to see on the grid?
05-05-2004What would you change in F1 regulations
25-04-2004Schumi and Montoya touched. What do you think?
20-04-2004Which Imola surprise do you find possible?
07-03-2004Where will it end up with McLaren?
03-03-2004What team is most likely not to get a car to the finish
18-01-2004Are you happy with 18 GPs?
05-01-2004Do you like the FW26-nose?
02-12-2003Will the MP4/19 be a championship contender?
25-10-2003Is the 90min qual a good idea?
01-10-2003Was Montoya's drive-through penalty just?
01-09-2003What do you think of the FIA - Michelin fuss?
12-06-2003Can Montoya become champion this year?
25-05-2003Wiil the MP4/18 be reliable at introduction?
11-05-2003Is it fair that Ferrari gets more FIA-money than the other teams?
13-04-2003Can the F2003-GA win its first race?
21-01-2003What effect will the proposed regulations have on F1?
29-12-2002Do you like teams to delay their new contender?
12-12-2002Will you miss the Spa GP?
27-11-2002Was sacking Lauda a good idea?
01-11-2002What do you think about the new qualifying system?
14-10-2002Which team will make the greatest leap?
28-09-2002Do you believe the Grand Prix WC (GPWC) will be a succes?
15-09-2002Do you think Massa's penalty was justified?
06-09-2002What about this site?