Key 2017 Threads

Post here all non technical related topics about Formula One. This includes race results, discussions, testing analysis etc. TV coverage and other personal questions should be in Off topic chat.
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Key 2017 Threads

Postby turbof1 » Mon Nov 30, 2015 12:07 pm

With the 2016 season now over and the interbellum of speculation between now and winter testing, new car speculation threads have been set up, stickied and the official 2016 car topics have been unstickied.

A friendly reminder that once a car has been officially announced, the speculation thread of said car will be closed and discussion will continue in the official 2017 car topic. Any car topic created before its announcement will be locked until its announcement or hitting the track.

Another friendly reminder: While speculation thread will be let quite loose, the official car topics have stringent rules: Discussion will only be allowed for physical, existing parts of the car. no speculation, no discussion about drivers, team, laptimes or whatever. Posts that go against that will be deleted without notice. Repeating offenders will receive warnings.

Also, discussion about Power Units have their own threads. Please try to keep these discussions out of the car hardware threads and in the Power Unit threads. If a current discussion in a car thread keeps too much focus on the Power Unit, the associated posts will be moved to the respective Power Unit Thread



Suspension design


Cars (speculation threads)


Pre-Season Testing


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Re: Key 2017 Threads

Postby turbof1 » Thu Feb 16, 2017 4:17 pm

Updated for 2017 season. Further changes might still happen.

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