Anyone else track their car?

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Post Thu Mar 26, 2015 4:12 pm

Well, we've got a topic for our first car, our dream cars and we have one for photography... and this being a F1 forum, I thought there might be other members who might regularly go to the track with their car.

I drive a Lotus Exige and do about 1-3 track days a year. Living in the northern part of Switzerland, we do have a few race tracks within reasonable distance, which is a plus. The video I'm about to post is from last year from a small track called Anneau du Rhin (situated around Colmar in France close to the German border). It's small, but the tight corners make it an especially great track for my car, or Super 7s. Apart from AdR, Hockenheim or the Nürburgring isn't too far away (4-6 hour drive roughly). Then in France we have another gem in Circuit de Bresse.

Anyway, long story short, here's the video:

For those interested, the car is a Lotus Exige (2005 model), but supercharged by Bemani. It roughly produces 280bhp and weighs in around 930kg (fully fueld, but sans driver). The car I'm following in the video is a friend of mine who drives the newer Exige V6 (2012 model).

Any feedback is most welcome. Or if you indeed track or were waiting for the perfect excuse to share some pictures of your car, please do. :)

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