Anyone who plays Assetto Corsa, I need help

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Anyone who plays Assetto Corsa, I need help

Postby Alonso Fan » Sat Aug 06, 2016 9:44 pm

So here's my story:

I started playing AC online a month ago, and I am one of the cleanest drivers not using a wheel. I've had a few hits here and there, but nothing major, people have done a lot worse to me. I like playing on a server with Ferrari 458 GT2s at Monza, as it's a car/track combination that i'm actually good at. Today I've been racing on this server a lot and had some good clean races. The last race I did I was lagging like hell and my wifi dongle was going nuts, disconnecting and reconnecting (seemingly) to my PC. This has never happened before. Looks like the person running the server was affected, and I was instantly blacklisted, all I did was 1 lap of that race, and down the pit straight, I was blacklisted. no warning, no taking into account my past cleanness. I pulled my wifi dongle out, and replugged it in, everything is fine now. Except i'm still blacklisted.

I want to contact the server owner and apologise for my wifi dongle, and prove my point, that i'm not a bad driver at all. (and possibly get whitelisted, since I really liked that server).

the trouble is, I cannot find anything on the internet about the server/person

does anyone know who the person is?
can someone contact him for me?

my steam tag is XboxPadNoAids

server name:


thanks in advance
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Re: Anyone who plays Assetto Corsa, I need help

Postby DiogoBrand » Sun Aug 07, 2016 2:40 am

I don't know if there's an easy way to find server administrators. You may have better luck on the AC official forum.

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