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Post Sun Feb 26, 2012 8:00 am

inerters are only beneficial on light cars with very stiff suspension and relatively tall sidewalls.
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Post Sun Feb 26, 2012 8:17 am

Just_a_fan wrote:
Pierce89 wrote:I think its fair to say F1's advances in electronic micro manipulation of every aspect of performance has greatly benefitted road cars.

It would be nice to say that, yes. But is there any evidence that it has happened? Need to remember that F1 works to a set of rules that are extremely limiting where electronic control systems are concerned. This is likely to mean that the resultant systems are not as advanced as their roadcar cousins.

whoah there. Up until 2008 f1 had extremely advanced traction control. The top teams went so far as to develop their own TC algorithms. The current best road TC(Ferrari) is based off of f1 TC algorithms(at least that was the propaganda for Ferrari's F1-trac).
But anyways, also their gearboxes require extremely complicated computer control to shift as fast as they do without spitting gears through the driver's torso.
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But they are still refinements of existing non-F1 technology.

Although carbon fibre itself was developed outside of F1, I wonder if we might argue that carbon tub chassis ate F1 'tech' that moved to road cars? The F1 road car had a full carbon chassis. There was a Lambo prototype road car before that. Both post-date the MP4-1 I think.

The use of carbon is increasing in road cars although really only in supercars (and the occasional marketing / style thing like the M3's carbon roof (sold as a way of lowering CoG but probably does very little in reality)).

Even carbon tub use is tenuous IMO.
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Post Fri Aug 17, 2012 2:04 pm

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bhallg2k wrote:
SeijaKessen wrote:F1 has nothing in common with road cars, and never will.


Don't be so hasty.


I have to get one of these.
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wunderkind wrote:
Wow! And I once saw a drawing by Leonardo da Vinci that resembled a helicopter from a few centuries ago.

Now wunderkind, just because you weren't aware of the Buick MaxTrac system, doesn't mean my point is any less valid.

Your analogy is of no real value since it didn't take centuries for it to show up in F1.

Keep in mind, just because the Buick traction control was rudimentary, does not take away from the fact that it existed first.

Why after all, even though active suspension would be perfected by the Williams FW14, it doesn't change the fact that Lotus did it first, no matter how much improvement was needed.

Sorry to have pointed out something that is true.
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Post Fri Aug 17, 2012 4:19 pm

I understood that the Williams suspension system wasn't truly active whereas the Lotus system was. But the Williams system was definitely the one that brought results.
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