beginner at pro engineering wildfire 3.0

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Post Thu Oct 09, 2008 9:50 pm

just as the title says. i just got a laptop with this loaded and i want to start learing how its used and can be used. mainly just the basics. i've lurked here for quite a while, so i was hoping that someone here might have a few pointers on where to start and what to start with. books, dvd tutorial, or even a project i should start with. im a complete beginner with only my dad as help as he is a r&d for a company and they use this for all of their design. he is just learning this as well, and im playing a little catchup to get where he is at.

thanks for the help in advance - james
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I would recommend you start with this book then get the advanced tutorial if you want to learn more.

Also pick a project you want to do and as you learn skills work on a part out of that project.
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