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First post here!


Who we are


Williams is one of the world’s leading Formula One teams. It exists purely to race in the top echelon of motor racing, where it’s been winning grands prix for more than three decades.
The Williams name has been synonymous with top-level motorsport since the 1960s. After running teams on the sport’s nursery slopes, team patron Frank Williams founded Frank Williams (Racing Cars) in 1966 and he entered F1 in 1969 with his friend Piers Courage behind the wheel.
Frank quickly earned a reputation as one of the industry’s more determined individuals and after selling his controlling interest in his original team, he established Williams Grand Prix Engineering with British engineer Patrick Head in 1977. They built their first car, the FW06, the following year and the team immediately went from strength-to-strength. Williams is now the third most successful team on the grid.


Williams has won 16 FIA Formula One World Championships (nine for constructors, in partnership with Cosworth, Honda and Renault, and seven for drivers, with Alan Jones, Keke Rosberg, Nelson Piquet, Nigel Mansell, Alain Prost, Damon Hill and Jacques Villeneuve). The team has scored 114 victories, 297 podiums and 127 pole positions.
The team’s endeavours have earned Frank Williams a knighthood, as well as the French equivalent, the Légion d’honneur. The company has two Queen’s Awards for Export Achievement and it’s recognised as one of the most enduring and successful organisations in sport.
Over the years Williams has nurtured many great talents, both in the cockpit and in the design office. The team gave Ayrton Senna his first F1 test in 1983; it was with Williams that Nigel Mansell scored his first grand prix win, in 1985, and his only world title in 1992, and it was with Williams that Damon Hill took all but one of his 22 race victories and the ’96 world title. The list could go on.
Some of F1’s cleverest technical brains also cut their teeth at Williams. The list of Williams’ design alumni includes Adrian Newey, Paddy Lowe, Ross Brawn, Neil Oatley and Frank Dernie, and we’re equally proud of our current technical team led by Pat Symonds - Chief Technical Officer.


Engineering excellence is at the heart of Williams’ DNA. Whether it’s building the carbon fibre chassis of this year’s FW35, or our own seven-speed, seamless-shift, semi-automatic gearbox the team aims to obtain performance and reliability from every component on the car. As a result, it takes a lot of pride in the constructors’ trophies it has won because the constructors’ championship is the most accurate gauge of a team’s performance relative to its rivals. On nine occasions in its history, Williams has beaten everyone.
The team’s business model is unique in the pitlane. While many of the other teams are extensions of multinational companies’ marketing departments, Williams is wholly independent; it exists solely to go racing. Its commercial partnerships must drive value back to its partners’ companies.
To meet these expectations, the team has grown exponentially since 1977. What started out as a group of 17 people has mushroomed into a company that now employs more than 500 people at its technology campus in Grove, Oxfordshire.
“This is the toughest era of F1 that I have been involved with,” says Frank Williams. “The standard of engineering in the pitlane is very high indeed and for that reason we must always strive to do better. The next race is the only thing that matters in F1.”
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Felipe Massa Q&A: First few days at Williams
Tuesday 14th January 2014, 18:12 by TF1T Staff

Q. How was your Christmas?
Felipe Massa: Christmas was great, it was nice to be with the family and I spent it at home in Brazil. I then went to Miami for New Year which was a lot of fun. I was then back in Brazil for the start of the New Year, and most recently had my annual International Challenge of the Stars charity karting event there. It is always a lot of fun and attracts a lot of other F1 drivers, so it’s certainly got me in the competitive mood.
Q. What training have you done over the winter and when did the focus on 2014 start?
FM: Even in the holidays I was training, it never really stops. I was in Miami for 11 days and did something every day. I like sport so I am always active, whether it’s tennis or going for a run. Now the work turns to testing which means more time in the gym. I prefer playing sports to work in the gym, but the time in the gym needs to be done. I have a dedicated trainer who goes to each race with me and he will be coming over to Williams this year. We have been working together since 2007 so we have a very good working relationship. I also have another trainer for when I am back in Brazil.
Q. With the new regulations coming into effect, which of the them excites you and how will it make the racing more exciting?
FM: There are so many changes for this year but everyone is in the same boat. Until we are in the car we don’t know what we need to learn and what we don’t, things like how to feather the throttle with the big increase in torque, and how the new stronger ERS will affect driving. Aerodynamically the cars will have less downforce than 2013, especially in the first half the season. These are big changes which we need to understand as quickly as possible when we start testing.
Q. What are your first impressions of the team?
FM: Williams have a great factory here with good resources so I know that we have everything we need to be competitive. It’s a big team with a great history, so the focus is on getting all the pieces working well together and moving in the right direction. I have been steadily trying to meet as many people across the factory as possible and everyone has been very nice and I’m enjoying working with my engineering team.
Q. You are here at the factory for two days, what will you be doing in that time?
FM: First of all is the seat fitting and getting the right position in the car. I don’t normally require too many seat fits throughout the year, but obviously going to a new team means we need to start from the beginning to make sure I am comfortable which can take a bit of time. Then I have a lot of meetings across different departments to get us ready for the first test in Jerez and start providing my input.
Q. Williams have always had good support from Brazil, what has the reaction been amongst your fans?
FM: My fans are very happy that I have moved to Williams, especially with the history the team has in Brazil with past drivers such as Nelson and Ayrton. This has made the team very famous in Brazil, so I am very happy to be here and I hope I can help the team get back to where they were before and fighting for wins.
Q. How is your relationship with Frank Williams?
FM: Frank is one of the most famous people in the paddock and someone that is admired by everyone for what he has achieved in the sport. He is part of the history of Formula One. I didn’t know him too well before I joined the team but from spending time with him he is a really nice guy and I’m looking forward to racing for him.
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LookBackTime wrote:First post here!

Williams adds key engineering staff

Williams has given details of the changes to its engineering management, and has rather handily given a job description for the key players, who will work under chief technical officer Pat Symonds.

As previously noted here on November 29, former McLaren and Force India man Jakob Andreasen has joined as Head of Engineering Operations. The team says his job is to “focus will be on better integrating trackside operations with the continued design and development of the Williams-Mercedes FW36 at the factory.”

Meanwhile Craig Wilson has returned to Williams from a spell at Mercedes to take up the job oof Head of Vehicle Dynamics, in order to “strengthen the engineering team in applying vehicle modelling and analysis to help bring further improvements to on-track performance.”

Lotus man Rod Nelson has joined as Chief Test & Support Engineer “to head up the team’s testing programme including leading the group at the factory that provide support and analysis from Grove over all race events.”

Finally Max Nightingale is promoted to Head of Vehicle Science “to ensure a focus on performance within the new structure which will improve the connection between race operations and on-going development work.”

Pat Symonds said: “Williams is determined to make strong improvements in our competitiveness over the coming seasons and these new appointments continue our aggressive approach in recruiting some of the sport’s best talent.

“We are also committed to allowing our existing talent to grow and showcase their skills in senior leadership roles. Our engineering team for the coming season is looking strong and I’m excited about what we can achieve moving forwards.”




This has been a busy off-season for Williams, a lot of new people on the team.
Good to know that the car will be ready.
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From Williams Web Site:


http://www.williamsf1.com/Team/Media/Ne ... -Director/
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Williams secure long-term future
Monday 20th January 2014

Williams may have had a tough time last season but Claire Williams is confident those trials have helped secure the team's "long-term future"

Last season was arguably one of the worst in recent times for Williams as the Formula One team secured just five points, least of all the established teams.

However, it was a year for change as well.

Not only did the team sign a deal to use Mercedes engines that comes into effect this season, they also brought in Pat Symonds to head the technical department and then signed Felipe Massa for 2014.

And Williams, the team's deputy team principal, believes those will be the stepping stones towards a brighter future.

"Everything that we have done is all about securing the long-term future of Williams, not just the future of it but working towards its future success," she told Autosport.

"Everything we have done is thought very strategically through to make sure it is sustainable and will take Williams into the future.

"Rather than taking rash decision or decisions that are sticking plasters, it's a very strategic approach. The Mercedes deal is a long-term arrangement.

"We have stability with our driver line-up, which we are excited about. And the senior management team at board level is also stable and that will remain stable into the longer term as well.

"The engineering side, led by Pat, is all about long-term stability and succession planning.

"We had some shocking results, but people still kept fighting.

"We have done so much work to change how we operate to make sure that we ensure the future of the team."

The team has also subsequently signed revamped their engineering department by signing Jakob Andreasen, Craig Wilson and Rod Nelson.

"We are so lucky that in times of adversity we stay together and keep fighting.

"Now there is this sense of momentum that there is change happening and everyone is pushing that bit harder.

"The biggest thing I have learned is about the mindset of this team and how impressive people at Williams are in their tenacity."


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So no more Batman and Robin with Massa getting a new engineer. Too bad, those two were made for each other :D
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SectorOne wrote:So no more Batman and Robin with Massa getting a new engineer. Too bad, those two were made for each other :D

Might be good with a break between them. But didnt Rob also move to Williams ?
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wait wut? so that artist rendering of before of a martini-red and blue williams actually does make sense? :wtf:
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Rumor :

By Americo Teixeira Jr. - The Martini Racing brand is back in Formula 1. As part of the commemorative actions of its 150 years, the Martini is the main sponsor of Williams in 2014. The official announcement will be in Jerez, at the official launch of the car will be piloted by Felipe Massa and Valtteri Bottas.

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