WMSC confirms new points system

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The World Motor Sport Council has today reached an agreement and confirms that the new points system will be instated for the upcoming Formula One season. It was believed that a new system was appropriate given the increased number of teams that will participate.

As of 2010, teams and drivers will score points as follows, awarded for their race finishing positions:

1st: 25 points

2nd: 20 points

3rd: 15 points

4th: 10 points

5th: 8 points

6th: 6 points

7th: 5 points

8th: 3 points

9th: 2 points

10th: 1 point

While the new system emphasizes the points difference between a win and the places behind, a small calculation shows that from recent years, none of the championships would have ended with a different winner. In fact, 2008 would also have been decided in favour of Hamilton with a one point advantage over Felipe Massa.