SCCR race car CFD analysis

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Analysis by Russell Harrison


The CAD model was design and sent to me by a group of engineers and good friends from America, David Money, Adrian Romanszyn, Hector Ramos.

The model was completely clean and imported in to the CFD package with ease, always a delight!!!! The model had to be slightly simplified from original design as to keep the amount of memory need for a successful solution down. So for a first analysis the wheels were removed and some surfaces simplified. The model was to be run with out its rear wing to find an initial aerodynamic behavior of the vehicle.

Image 1 shows the SCCR Race Car CAD Model.

Flow Conditions

The flow velocity at inlet was set 44.44 m/s (100 mph, 161 KPH) and this was also applied as an global initialisation velocity . All walls of the fluid domain were set to free slip and a no-slip condition applied to the bodies surface.

Fluid Properties:
  • Material: Air Ideal Gas (constant Cp)
  • Molar Mass = 28.96 Kg Kmol -1
  • Dynamic Viscosity = 1.79e-5 Kg m -1 s -1
Simulation Properties:
  • Domain Motion: Stationary
  • Reference Pressure = 1e5 Pa
  • Turbulence Model = SST
  • Turbulence = Laminar


The residual target for convergence was set to e-4 at an RMS type. This was achieved during solution.


Force Data:
  • Down Force = 1033.62 N
  • Cl = 0.9248 (Calculations of lift at different speeds matches the CFD results when the solution is completed using the respective speed.)
  • Drag = 548.74 N