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GP Great-Britain, Silverstone CircuitgbF1 Grand Prix

Birthday of Vitantonio LiuzziBirthday

Tonio Liuzzi was born on 6 August, 1981 in Locorotondo, Italy. In September 2004, Tonio had a test drive with Sauber. In November 2004, again he was given a test drive, this time with the new Red Bull team. The Italian was granted a raceseat for 2005 but had to share it with Christian Klien who was favoured and drove most of the races. Liuzzi signed a contract to move to Scuderia Toro Rosso, the second F1 team of Red Bull, in 2006.

GP 70th Anniversary, Silverstone CircuitgbF1 Grand Prix

Birthday of Lucas Di Grassi Birthday

Lucas Tucci Di Grassi, born in São Paulo, Brazil is a racing driver. He finished runner up in the 2007 GP2 season and has been a Renault Driver Development member until 2008.


GP Spain, Circuit de CatalunyaesF1 Grand Prix

Birthday of Nelson PiquetBirthday

Nelson Piquet Souto Maior, more commonly known as Nelson Piquet, is a Brazilian racing driver who was Formula One world champion in 1981, 1983, and 1987. He is known for his rivalry with Nigel Mansell and his outspoken opinion.
Nelson has a son, Nelson Piquet Jr. who is also a Formula One racing driver.

Death of Didier PironiFatalities

Death of Didier Pironi who had won 3 GPs. The racer won one Grand Prix in 1980 with a Ligier-Ford JS11/15 and 2 in 1982 in a Ferrari 126C2. Five years after the end of his F1 career he was killed when his powerboat flipped over during a race in the Solent, off the Isle of Wight.


Birthday of Mark WebberBirthday

Mark Webber, the Australian Williams F1 driver, was born on August 27, 1976 in Queanbeyan.


Birthday of Gerhard BergerBirthday

Born in Wörgl, Austria.

Birthday of Bruce McLarenBirthday

Bruce Leslie McLaren, born in Auckland, New Zealand, was a race-car designer, driver, engineer and inventor. He is the founder of the McLaren Formula One team. With Bruce behind the wheel, the cars were dominant in the CanAm series while also winning three times the Indianapolis 500. Bruce also won the 24 hours of Le Mans in 1966 where he partnered Chris Amon.
Bruce died June 2, 1970 when he tested his CanAm M8D. When the bodywork came loose, the car spun off and hit a bunker that was used as a signalling post. Bruce McLaren was 33 years old.

GP Belgium, Circuit de Spa-FrancorchampsbeF1 Grand Prix

Birthday of Olivier PanisBirthday

French F1-driver who has driven for Ligier, Prost, BAR and Toyota was born in Lyon, France

Jochen RindtFatalities

Karl Jochen Rindt was an Austrian racing driver, born in Mainz, Germany. He is the only driver to posthumously win the Formula One World Drivers' Championship (in 1970), after being killed in practice for the Italian Grand Prix. Rindt also won the 24 hours of Le Mans in 1965.


GP Italy, Autodromo Nazionale di MonzaitF1 Grand Prix

GP Tuscany Ferrari 1000, Autodromo Internazionale di MugelloitF1 Grand Prix

Round 9 of the 2020 calendar is called Formula 1 Gran Premio Della Toscana Ferrari 1000 2020 Mugello in order the distinguish the two Italian races from each other and to pay tribute to Ferrari's 1000th race in Formula One.