Second rear wheel flipup

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While Renault have been running double flipups since the beginning of the season, Ferrari have now adopted a similar thing too, be it a little smaller of what we see at the French team. The extra element was introduced at Hockenheim and used again at the Hungaroring. It is attached on the upper element at two points and adds to the reduction of air resistance on front of the rear wheel.


By Tp on 07-08-2006 at 22:27

\"A small but effective aero change introduced in Germany - ahead of a new rear diffuser expected at the next round in Hungary - is this extra flip-up under the main one in front of the rear wheel. This adds a significant amount of downforce close to the rear axle, providing valuable extra rear grip, hence improving acceleration out of corners. This in turn helps the management of tyre wear, by reducing the amount of sliding when downforce levels are low at slow speeds\"

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