Super Aguri's twin keel

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Although not new, the twin keel setup of the SA06 is worth a look. Even the SA05 had a similar keel layout as it too was an update of the Arrows A23 to comply with current regulations. Previously at Arrows, the keels (the right one is marked in the image by 1. ) stretched out vertically from the monocoque to the height of the reference plane. However, because of changes in the beginning of 2006, the technical regs now say "All bodywork situated forward of a point lying 330mm behind the front wheel centre line must be no less than 50mm above the reference plane." As a result, the destinctive keels of the Arrows are no more possible. Instead, Super Aguri have opted to cut the keels off just under the suspension mount and instead add a turning vane, indicated by 2.

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