2006: The flexing front wings

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The first real discussion subject of 2006 was without a doubt the flexing front wing of Ferrari. Although most wings bend down a little bit at higher speeds because of the air pressure, Ferrari found a very distinct solution to optimise their performance. As the 2006 cars were really underpowered in relation to the grip levels, aerodynamic drag was a vital part for topspeeds, more than has ever been. As the upper element of the wing would prevent flexing, Ferrari allowed movement so that the wing's upper planes would detach from the nose cone at higher speeds. This marginal decrease in drag and downforce no doubt gained a bit of topspeed until eventually the FIA kindly requested Ferrari to redesign the attachment.


By G-Rock on 13-11-2006 at 04:49

Why stop at flexible wings? How about flexible radiator air inlets. Wouldn\'t that make a larger gain in aero efficiency than a flexing wing? It would be easier to hide as well.

By ketanpaul on 13-11-2006 at 17:27

I agree, what the hell is wrong with flexing aero parts? Another of Max\'s stupid rules I guess :lol:

By m3_lover on 13-11-2006 at 20:48

Radiator air inlets are part of the main chassis structure... I think there would be crash tests done by the FIA on the tub and other parts of the main chassis

Also flexing aero parts could detach and hit another driver or car...

By mini696 on 17-11-2006 at 06:58

Flexing parts are weaker than non-flexing parts, the main issue behind the rule stems back to \'adjustable\' areo.

By Ray on 30-11-2006 at 12:59

Wing mirrors flew off several cars last year. Guess that cuts down on drag too huh? The FIA should quit worrying about flexi-wings and look at mirrors.

By Tommy_Fei on 16-12-2006 at 15:58

I remembered that they use a new style flex wing at Imola,after that 248F1 was very strong!

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