Toyota optimise podvane for downforce

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Toyota is obviously lacking downforce and overall grip at Monaco, even after several updates. The team introduced a new rear and front wing and have altered their sidepod vanes by adding a winglet on the inside of the panel. The upper part of the image shows the assembly at the time of the Malaysian GP where the vane is built for flow conditioning, similar to BMW, Ferrari and McLaren. The new item in the lower part of the image has a smaller vane and added winglet, similar to what BMW had in 2006.


By Ian P. on 26-05-2007 at 19:39

The use of the term \"optomise\" in reference to aerodynamic protruberances sounds suspiciously like salesmanship.... faster, better, \"have I got a deal for you....\"
To use this in the context of Monaco and Toyota is also a streach.
Monaco is about mechanical grip and low speed aero. While these bits may increase downforce, in racing, nothing is ever optomised and if it gets close, it will only be for a short time.
Look for Toyota to develope \"all-new, fully optomised\" aero packages throughout the year. Substitute the word Honda in there too if you like.

By Seas on 26-05-2007 at 23:17

As I sad before, more wings – more drag. Good sign that team is desperate. Think about this funny elephant ears of Honda. Shame! :shock: :oops:

By Steven on 27-05-2007 at 01:01

Well any team in F1 is trying hard to optimise their aerodynamic package for each single circuit with several updates. They know that finding the very optimal solution is hard, but the engineers know what they are doing.

As for \"extra wings, extra drag\", sure, but Monaco is not really that much about drag, it\'s about getting the car firmly on the ground with downforce. Obviously, if your car isn\'t the best already, you will inevitable also have more drag than another. It is exactly therefore that teams continue to develop their cars.

By Seas on 28-05-2007 at 02:44

I agree with you Tomba. My comment is not applicable for all teams, but Toyota is known as all wing and winglets car. Do you think Toyotas optimization of their car is taking little bit to long. And every year during the season, their new and, of course, improved aero package is “much better”. But their “improvement” is always in adding new winglets. What you think?

By megz on 28-05-2007 at 05:58

More wings = More downforce + More Drag but more often than not Downforce > Drag

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