Middle cutout in Red Bull rear wing

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The higher downforce settings on F1 cars - as required in the 2 latest Grand Prix' - induce an increased amount of drag. Designing a winning car is therefore a never ending compromise based on the required downforce levels. In their high downforce rear wing, Red Bull have made a small cut in the middle of the wing. The airflow onto that area of the rear wing is actually slightly disrupted by the airbox ahead of it. Cutting this tip out prevents the generation of unwanted drag for very little downforce.


By DaveKillens on 21-08-2007 at 09:57

Is it also possible the little curved sections on each side of the cutout bend backwards slightly under higher speeds, and thus also decrease drag?
Probably just a fraction, but each little bit helps.

By DTM310 on 24-08-2007 at 15:46

Could there be a possibility that during the wind tunnel testing it was discovered that the particular set up of the rear wing was found to have detached air flow at that particular area of the wing due to the disturbed airflow over the upper surface caused by (as previously mentioned) the airbox ahead of it.?

The cut out would therefore make sense as it would reduce the static pressure loading of the upper surface at the same time as creating a counter rotating vortice at that area thereby increasing airflow attachment on the wings active surface, and negating the disturbed airflow from above striking the wing at that point. (just a thought)

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