Brand new bridged front wing for Red Bull

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Red Bull have been busy during the summer break and are the first team to introduce a front wing that snatches McLaren's bridged wing idea. While previously the upper elements were attached to the nose, they now join over the nose cone to condition airflow. However, the new wing is more than just that. Every single flap has been redesigned. It is most visibly in the leading edge of the base plane. During the first 11 races of 2007 that was a simple and elegant spoon shape which has now evolved into a complex shape. The central spoon part is now wider and follows the trend set by BMW and Renault. At the outer ends the plane also has an upward curve to decrease drag created by the front tyres.


By Principessa on 25-08-2007 at 13:10

I believe that Red Bull made the right decision to change their front wing. As they\'ve seen that the bridged front wing works at McLaren, they want to try it too.

By Saribro on 25-08-2007 at 17:09

I it just me or does this look exactly like McLaren\'s wing? Same endplates, similar bridge mounting and profile, nosecone attaching to second plane, same main plane profile (except a slightly flatter spoon),...

By megz on 26-08-2007 at 10:25

It looks good, the bridge is not quite the same as the McLaren one and the wing profiles a slightly different. That and I quite like the wide nose :)

By Principessa on 26-08-2007 at 10:50

Well the bridge itself is indeed quite different and in fact it looks better. This wing element has a really smooth shape, boh in a frontal view as looking from the top. I would even say that this shape is more Newey\'ish than McLaren\'s wing ;)

By Rob W on 27-08-2007 at 05:24

Redbull are probably the only team on the grid with a low enough nose to follow McLaren\'s lead with a \'bridge\' like that. The do seem to have a smaller gap between the bridge and the nose.

By jwielage on 30-08-2007 at 22:01

\"Redbull are probably the only team on the grid with a low enough nose to follow McLaren\'s lead with a \'bridge\' like that\"

I believe Toro Rosso has an identical (or very similar) nose cone. It will be interesting if they follow RedBull\'s lead on this one. Although I very much doubt we would see it at a a circuit like Monza.

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