Honda struggles to decide on front wing

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Since a few races, Honda has introduced a new front wing with 3 panels instead of their usual bi-plane configuration. Still, with problems in the wind tunnel, the team cannot verify improvements. As a result, the drivers get to run with both wings during the most recent race weekends but appear unable to decide either. Both men were seen running the double plane wing in free practice while they ran the race with 3 elements. It is a possibility that the race-wing does wear off the tyres less while trading speed (or the lack thereof). Also mark that Honda is now the only team with a front wing that does not have any upper wing elements. The others have either chosen for bridged wings (McLaren, Red Bull), elements connected to the nose (Ferrari, Renault) or small winglet supported by struts (BMW Sauber).


By DTM310 on 28-08-2007 at 08:12

Honda need to sit down and design a completely new car using a clean sheet of paper.

The golden rule applies in this situation.

Proper Preparation and Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

By Giblet on 28-08-2007 at 08:53

All the teams are already working mainly on their 2008 challenger, and Honda has said already that they are redesigning from the ground up.

By PNSD on 28-08-2007 at 15:24

is it possible that they know the triplane is better, and use it for the race knowing they will potentially be quicker than what they have been during the weekend ?

Buttons pace during the race at turkey would suggest that. because in practice they were nowhere, yet on race day he was able to match NickH for alot of the time.

By G-Rock on 29-08-2007 at 15:23

Honda should also calibrate their dyno room. Maybe it\'s giving false readings as well. :roll:

By megz on 01-09-2007 at 00:24

They both look like crap.

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