BMW Sauber learn from McLaren nose

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The front area is something that was studied very carefully, and apparently the aerodynamicsts must have learnt quite a bit from the recent McLarens. The nose cone in particular is very much alike the MP4-21 of 2005. It has a similar height, thickness and width. The front wing is a little more in line with BMW's last designs but still is a three element wing hung up on the second one, typical designs of a McLaren. Even more, since the MP4-18 every McLaren has its front wing extend ahead of the nose cone, and now BMW Sauber have it just like that. As I should not exaggerate, the deep spoon is eye-catching while the new wing totally lacks any stacked or bridged elements.


By NaZzO on 16-01-2008 at 06:12

I think what Tomba means is the nose cone is very much like the mp4-20 of 2005 not the mp4-21...
very interesting remarks though, F1.08\'s front wing looks much cleaner than last year\'s & thankfuly they got rid of those add-on bridges.

By kalyangoparaju on 16-01-2008 at 08:31

hey tomba..whats the use of having the front wing extend ahead of the nose cone?

By teecof1fan on 20-01-2008 at 10:11

I just watched a couple of 2007 Grands Prix while filling the void until the 2008 season. Noticing the BMWs, I have to say that it is the BMW F1.07 (not the new F1.08) that has a very similar nose to the MP4-21. It, the old car, has a wide and low and level nose, just like the MP4-21, while the F1.08 seems to have a slimmer and higher nose, with a nearly-unnoticed rounded shape. That\'s just my personal insight, but I\'m no Tomba! ;)

By teecof1fan on 20-01-2008 at 17:24

I\'ll save NaZzO the time: I also mean the MP4-20!

By Steven on 22-01-2008 at 12:47

The advantage of a more forward front wing compared to the nose cone is especially valid for very low noses. Having both closely together can stir airflow a bit, while the design of BMW has clean air all over the width of the wing. As a result there is potential for better efficiency of the FW.

By modbaraban on 26-01-2008 at 04:44

The MP4-20 had much wider nosecone. I\'d say it\'s more like MP4-19B Monza version.

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