Renault introduce new rear wing

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Whether this is the rumoured W-wing of Renault remains to be seen (rumours tend to be wrong sometimes), the team introduced its new wing just this weekend (upper image). The difference with the wing that was tested through the winter (lower left inset) is the curvature close to the end plates. While similar designs have appeared at Renault, this one is completely new and very much resembles the current rear wing of McLaren (lower right inset). The wing also has twin central supports and is designed for medium downforce circuits. It is built to generate most downforce in the middle part of the wing. The curves on the outer extremities help decrease the vortices behind the end plates and thus reduces drag.


By Timstr on 15-03-2008 at 16:51

The wing was not inroduced this weekend as it has been run before at Barcelona tests (several pics available).

By LewisHamitlonFan2008 on 15-03-2008 at 18:15

Coping McLaren:(

By Shaddock on 15-03-2008 at 21:07

The design was on a floppy disc

By mini696 on 16-03-2008 at 23:37

Renault stated a couple of weeks ago that there never was a \"W\" wing.

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