Williams up to speed, new engine cover

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Williams development is up to speed as new elements are rolling out of the factory quickly. At the Spanish GP, the team introduced a new front wing profile while at Turkey another step was made on the front wing. As a third car now, following Red Bull and Renault, the FW30 is being equipped with a shark fin engine cover. The solution is however more elegant and resembles more the version of BMW Sauber. While the added surface improves rear stability under yaw, the all new winglet fixed just ahead and above the rear wing adds a bit of downforce, just like one can expect with Monaco in eyesight.


By jamsbong on 20-05-2008 at 03:43

This trend of add huge fin is probably motivated by the lack of traction control. In a high speed turn, the side G load wants to push radially. The large area fin helps to pull the car back, like a aeroplane would. This is better than adding more downforce to create road holding as the tires are already full of stress.

By wesley123 on 20-05-2008 at 21:16

This adds downforce as the fin guides air to the rearwing, and with th flap on it it will even cause more downforce

By gcdugas on 21-05-2008 at 10:11

Isn\'t there a danger of aero stall if the car gets sideways or the air movement isn\'t 100% along the longitudinal axis. That is why the Red Bull design is shaped with the \"notch\" where it is.

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