BMW revert to simpler nose cone

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For a low downforce circuit like at Montreal, BMW have reverted their nose cone to the design that was visible at the car's launch. On the right is the spec of Barcelona, which clearly shows the wings on top of the nose cone. While it helps to create downforce, such winged nose cone does create an amount of drag that is unwanted at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. The left part of the image is the Canadian specification.


By zulhelmy88 on 25-06-2008 at 08:04

Canada isn't considered a special track in terms of set-up, but for the first time this season BMW Sauber have dropped the distinctive 'boomerang' winglets on the F1.08's nose. They have been removed to aid top speed, particularly on the long final straight, the end of which provides one of the track's few overtaking opportunities. Another interesting change is to the outermost part of the rear flap, which now features an inclined top edge, mirroring the profile of the wing's entry edge. This provides a small increase in flap surface area, enough to help sharpen front-end handling on corner entry.

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